Netflix Drops Trailer For Sherlock Spin-off: Enola Holmes

Netflix Drops Trailer For Sherlock Spin-off: Enola Holmes

Netflix left the audience deciphering an anagram for the upcoming spin-off that focuses on Sherlock Holme's sister.

Netflix dropped the trailer for Millie Bobby Brown’s Sherlock Holmes spin-off on Monday and left fans deciphering a special code.

The Stranger Things actress is playing the titular role Enola Holmes, sister of the great Sherlock Holmes, in the upcoming spin-off.

The film follows the adventures of Enola after she escapes finishing school to look for her missing mother Eudoria Holmes, played by Alice In Wonderland's murderous Red Queen Helena Bonham Carter.

Netflix dropped the trailer and left an anagram code for the audience to decipher: "alone loshme reeebtpms wnettyrhitd"


Think you can crack the code? Go ahead and try. The answer is available in the next paragraph.

The first two words are an anagram of the main character's name herself, Elona Holmes. The next two words mean the release date, September twenty-third.

Check out the trailer below:


Enola Holmes will have a star-studded cast featuring The Witcher actor Henry Cavill as her brother Sherlock, Love, Rosie actor Sam Claflin, Chewing Gum actress Susie Wokoma, and Murdered by My Father actor Adeel Akhtar.

Harry Bradbeer directed the film with Jack Thorne who penned the script. Bradbeer is known for his works on the comedy-drama spy thriller television series, Killing Eve. While Thorne's previous works include fantasy drama television series His Dark Materials.

Enola Holmes will shed new light on the six-book series by Nancy Springer.

Enola Holmes

The film focuses on a young Enola who was sent by her brothers Sherlock (Henry Cavill) and Mycroft (Sam Claflin) to a finishing school for “proper” young ladies.

But the high-spirited Enola is nothing but "proper" if its definition includes getting tied by social boundaries set by the 1890's period.

She escapes the finishing school and looks for her missing mother in London. Soon she stumbles upon a mystery surrounding a young runaway Lord (Louis Partridge). Enola proves herself and outwits her older brothers as she 'unravels a conspiracy that threatens to set back the course of history.'

Director Bradbeer wanted to bring a ‘fresh approach’ to the legendary detective series by putting the lesser-known Holmes sister in the spotlight this time.

Speaking to Games Radar, the director said: "There was the fact that there was a sister that people probably hadn’t considered existed."

He added: "That automatically brings the whole feminist stance and a feminist angle on the Holmes story, which was particularly interesting to me, as Holmes was thought of as being someone who was a little bit of a misogynist."

Fans have already expressed their support for Bobby Brown’s upcoming flick.

One fan Tweeted: "The way Enola Holmes genuinely looks GOOD.....happy for Millie"


While another fan creatively responded to the announcement with another anagram: "It's Going to be "Waesome"(awesome) Can't Wait to see You as Sherlock Yesssss"


Enola Holmes will release on Netflix on 23 September 2020.

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