Ryan Gosling’s ‘Puffy’ Face Has Everyone Concerned As He Promotes New Movie The Fall Guy

Ryan Gosling has his fans concerned!

Ryan Gosling looks fuller in the cheeks during recent interviews (Picture: Ivanka Voisin / Starface / Avalon)

Fans are worried about Ryan Gosling because he was seen promoting his new movie with Emily Blunt looking a bit "puffy."

In the last few weeks, the 43-year-old Barbie star has been pushing The Fall Guy, a new action comedy-drama in which he plays a stuntman who is having a bad day and needs to save a famous actor.

He has been to a lot of press events and talks for this movie with his co-star Emily Blunt, but he doesn't look like he does in the past few years.

Many people have noticed that the A-lister's cheeks look a little fuller, and some have said that they think he may have had facial fillers or plastic surgery.

Ryan has never talked about getting plastic surgery in a public way. Changes like this, on the other hand, are popular in Hollywood, and soft tissue fillers are the second most common minimally invasive procedure.

More than 7.3 million non-surgical beauty treatments, like Botox or filler injections, were done in the US in 2022, according to research. This shows how popular these small procedures have become.

Quite a stir has been caused by his "new face" on social media, with fans arguing about what caused it.

Reacting to Ryan’s current appearance, @jacobpetkovic was among those speaking out, writing on X: ‘Ryan Gosling, please step away from the filler.’

‘Dude…..has anyone noticed Ryan Gosling’s face? Like why did he go and get fillers?! He looked fine before,’ @AR_Kymmers weighed in, with @harperourmaltese commenting on TikTok: ‘I was wondering what was up with his puffy face!’

But some people aren't sure if the star has had any plastic surgery. They think it might just be a side effect of getting bigger. Some people have said that current pictures were changed.

@psychocaffeine commented: ‘I don’t think it’s fillers lol it think it’s from bulking for his latest film, the fall guy. 😂 People will find anything to say anything.’

@sydneymarie2005 said on X: ‘WHY DID THEY EDIT THESE PHOTOS OF RYAN GOSLING. Was that really necessary? He’s already attractive without surgery or edits.’

One beauty expert on TikTok said that the star from "The Notebook" may have been getting filler in his face for a few years, even though this change may seem new. The doctor looked at Ryan's changes over the course of his playing career and said that 2021 was probably when the actor started getting these small changes.

In April 2024, the La La Land actor looked fuller in the cheeks (Picture: Marechal Aurore/ABACA/Shutterstock)
In April 2024, the La La Land actor looked fuller in the cheeks (Picture: Marechal Aurore/ABACA/Shutterstock)

Roy Cowley, founder and managing director of 3D Aesthetics and star body fixer, also told Metro.co.uk that there is an "obvious conclusion" about Ryan's new look.

‘I would draw to a general rule of thumb which paints the obvious conclusion." He explained that there are NO non-invasive methods that can be used to make a big increase in volume in one area.

‘Volume can only be increased using minimally invasive filler injections, mainly used for facial adjustment.

‘The good news for Mr Gosling is that this is not a permanent result and the effect will reverse over time which judging by comments from fans he will be very grateful of.’

Ryan plays Colt Seavers in his most recent movie. Seavers is an experienced but old action stuntman who teams up with Emily Blunt's character Jody Monero to save the lead actor in her new movie.