Netflix Viewers Are Finding Movie So Scary They're Having To Turn It Off After Just Two Minutes

Chilling crime drama featuring Denzel Washington and Rami Malek provokes fear and divided opinions among viewers.

The Little Things

A recent addition to Netflix has proven to be a chilling experience for some viewers, prompting them to switch it off within minutes. Directed by John Lee Hancock, the film boasts an impressive cast including Jared Leto, Denzel Washington, and Rami Malek. While Hancock's previous works like "The Blind Side" and "The Rookie" have mostly centered around sports dramas, this film is arguably his most unsettling yet.

Set in 2021, the story revolves around a murder case that draws in Joe 'Deke' Deacon (played by Denzel Washington), who is asked to assist briefly with the investigation. However, he becomes deeply involved alongside Sergeant Jim Baxter (played by Rami Malek) as they hunt for a serial killer terrorizing Los Angeles. As the case unfolds, it unearths dark secrets from Deke's past, much to Baxter's surprise.

Despite being categorized as a psychological crime drama with its seemingly innocuous title, "The Little Things," many viewers have found it to be more akin to a traditional horror film, characterized by its eerie atmosphere, intense police investigation, and haunting characterizations. While there are no supernatural elements like zombies or aliens, the palpable tension and unsettling story have left some viewers feeling overwhelmed with anxiety.

Comments from viewers on platforms like X reflect the mixed reactions to the film. Some expressed discomfort within the first few minutes, while others praised the performances, particularly Denzel Washington's.

One X user said: "2min 52 sec into Netflix the little things & it’s made me so anxious I’ve had to turn it off."

Another X user posted: "Watching ‘the little things’ on Netflix and the first 2 minutes are so scary I’m not sure I can continue."

Viewers also took the time to rave about how good the movie is: One X user spoke highly of Denzel’s performance, writing: "'The little things' on Netflix…….WOW, what a movie. Proper old school, Denzil [sic] Washington at his best,"

Another user said: "Watched the little things on netflix with my sister and it was So Good!!!"

Despite the positive feedback from fans, the film's critical reception on Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb suggests a divide in opinions. It has a mere 45 percent on Rotten Tomatoes' Tomatometer and a 6/10 rating on IMDb.