The Team


Ancil Gonzales

Founder, Editor-in-Chief

Ancil is the main blogger and founder of Trinikid. He is a lover of movies, TV shows, Anime and is especially fond of the arts. It was because of this love for Entertainment and the Arts that he decided to create the website. He is responsible for the daily movie recommendations and editing.


Jason Dookeran

Feature Writer

Jason is a content creator for over nine years, working in a range of fields from book and film reviews to science, technology and personal finance. He is a passionate writer with a full range of writing skills.



Feature Writer

I'm Janice and I wear too many hats, I'm not sure which one best describes me anymore. I love writing and getting lost in books and movies. (Probably that is why I end up with all the hats.) I love experiencing new things and overthinking the purpose of human existence. I'm the best person to talk to at 3 am for your existential crises.