Jimmy Fallon Praised For Quick-Thinking Response After Anne Hathaway Interview Took An Uncomfortable Turn

Jimmy Fallon saved Anne Hathway from an awkward blunder!

Anne Hathaway Idea of You Interview

Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show with Anne Hathaway took an unexpected turn, and the host has received acclaim for his handling of it.

Ahead of the release of her most recent film, The Idea of You, Hathaway came to the sofa on Fallon's late-night chat program on Monday, April 29. The uneasiness will make your skin prickle, so be ready for that:

In the film The Idea of You, Hathaway plays 40-year-old single mother Solène Marchand, who develops love feelings for the 24-year-old lead singer of a boy band called Hayes Campbell (Nicholas Galitzine).

The movie, which debuted on Amazon Prime Video today, May 2, is based on Robinne Lee's book of the same name.

And it was during their discussion of the film's premise that Hathaway's conversation with Fallon took a somewhat unpleasant turn.

In an attempt to provide some background, Hathaway reminisced on a scene from the movie's making on Monday's broadcast of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. She also threw in a brief question for the audience.

"Has anybody here read the book?" she said.

But you could 'hear a pin drop' instead of being met with applause, a response of any kind, or even just some uncomfortable tittering laughter. As the discomfort increased, Hathaway was seen widening her eyes, putting her palm to her lips, and rapidly looking down.

Fallon intervened thankfully to rescue the day, saying, "No, we don't read. This is The Tonight Show. You want to go to Stephen Colbert if you want to get people to read books. Lame! We do audible here."

Before continuing with the show, both the actor and the audience burst out laughing, however not before Hathaway jokingly responded, "What's a book?" while praising the book.

Viewers have since complimented Fallon's quick thinking and Hathaway's handling of the situation online.

"Jimmy actually was a great host in this situation!" exclaimed one X user.

"Don’t always love him as a host, but I totally agree! Moments like this really showcase the years of experience he has and why he got the job in the first place," another responded.

A third wrote: "This is seriously so funny I can’t stop thinking about it. Anne is fighting for her life up there and handling it like a pro."

And a fourth resolved: "Great save by Fallon."