Owner Nearly Cancels Trip After Seeing Heartbreaking Video On His Pet Camera

Owner almost cancels trip when seeing his cat's heartbreaking reaction to him leaving.

Pawl the cat

The heartbreaking scene of their cat meowing for them on their pet camera almost caused a cat owner to cancel their holiday.

Cats may be far more independent than dogs, yet they can still pull at their owners' emotions.

And one cat did this so well that it nearly persuaded its owner to turn around and cancel their trip.

Star of the TikTok account @catnamedpawl, which follows his numerous cat adventures, is Pawl the Cat.

Though they had visitors come to see him every day, Pawl's owners recently left him alone in the house while on vacation.

But a video on the site that shows the cat wandering around the house with a fish toy and yelling for his owner has garnered over 12.1 million views, breaking hearts all over the world.

@catnamedpawl The fact he’s walking around with his fish makes it that much sadder. (We have babysitters come on check him so he’s not too lonely.) #pets #fyp #popular #cats ♬ original sound - Pawl The Cat


"I found Pawl about four years ago," owner Jonah told Newsweek. "A kitten suddenly appeared and began to scratch at my window after I had been living in a ground floor apartment for over a week. Ever after, we have been the closest of friends.

"We always set up cameras to check on Pawl when we're away, but we also hire babysitters."

"Usually, he spends a lot of time lazing about or staring out the window at birds. When we looked at the cameras this time, Pawl was pacing the flat with his fish and letting out the saddest meows we had ever heard."

Jonah went on to say, "We're going to start experimenting with driving with Pawl to see how he does. He can already go on walks and stroller trips.

Pawls brings the fish to me every night, so most mornings I really wake up to it in front of my bedroom door. I like to believe that's how he communicates to me that he is thinking of me."

When his owners saw the heartbreaking video, they said they almost turned their car around. Among the many ways cats express their devotion are by rubbing up against ankles, purring, meowing, or jumping up on counters or furniture to get near you.

Many commented on how adorable they thought Pawl was, one person stating, "My cat does the same thing taking out his plush fish! "We call it his emotional support fish."

Writing, "See this is why I got my cat and friend and she had the nerve to hate him," another suggested that they get Pawl a companion.