Emily Blunt Admits She Felt Sick After Kissing Some Of Her Hollywood Co-Stars

Emily Blunt says that kissing some of her Hollywood co-stars made her sick. She also talked about a fantastic person she had worked with.

Emily Blunt

It must be weird to get paid to kiss people who aren't your partner, but we know that for some people, locking lips with Ryan Gosling and Tom Cruise would be the ultimate dream come true.

Blunt said she has learned how to bring the energy to life even when she's not feeling it.

Talking about on-set chemistry during an appearance on The Howard Stern Show, she said: “I have had chemistry with people and have not had a good time working with them.

“Chemistry is this strange thing. It's an ethereal thing that you can't really bottle up and buy or sell. It's there or it's not. And you can manufacture it.

“I've been doing this long enough. I could have chemistry with this water bottle at this point. You know how to conjure it.

“But it's just easier when you have a natural rapport with someone.”

She added: “I think my feeling is I've got to find something I love about everybody.

“I have to find something - even if it's one thing.

“It might be like they have a nice laugh or I like how they speak to people, they're polite. I mean, it might be something random.

“But find something you love about that person or something you love about them as the character and then kind of lean into that."

Blunt didn't name any names when Stern asked her if she had ever "wanted to throw up" after kissing an on-screen partner. She did say, "Absolutely, absolutely..." I wouldn't say it's extreme loathing, but I've definitely not enjoyed some of it.”

Although, the star did say that she had loved working with one person in particular.

And it's not hard to think it's Ryan Gosling, since she worked with him on her most recent movie, The Fall Guy.

Blunt said, "I love Eva, his wife."

“I love their children, and I feel like I'm very lucky to be friends with a gem of a person like him.”

The movie has a huge 86 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and critics have praised both the stunts and Blunt and Gosling's main roles.

Distribution chief for Universal, Jim Orr, released a statement to AP saying: “We had a very solid opening.

“We are looking forward to a very long, very robust, very successful run throughout the domestic box office for literally weeks if not months to come.”