Man Moves Into 5 Star All-Inclusive Resort Abroad Because It's Cheaper Per Month Than Rent And Bills

Josh Kerr's savvy move to a lavish Turkish resort over rent and bills showcases a novel approach to budgeting and living luxuriously.

Man moves into an all inclusive 5* resort abroad because it's cheaper per month than rent and bills

A man opted to reside in a luxurious five-star, all-inclusive resort abroad for a month, recognizing that it was more economical than paying his monthly rent and other expenses.

Imagine working in silence at home or gazing out the window from your office, yearning for a change of scenery—a beachside retreat with a refreshing cocktail in hand. For TikTok user Josh Kerr, this dream swiftly transformed into reality.

While browsing the internet for all-inclusive holiday packages, Kerr stumbled upon an option to book a stay for "28 nights." Intrigued, he explored further and was astonished to find that the cost of a month-long stay at a lavish resort, although substantial, was comparable to his monthly rent back in Manchester, UK.

Upon closer examination, Kerr discovered that not only was the resort stay comparable in cost, but it actually offered better value than his typical monthly expenses, including rent, bills, and council tax.

His chosen destination? A five-star, all-inclusive resort nestled in Antalya, Turkey, boasting amenities such as a pool, gym, and more—all for £938 ($1,175). In contrast, his monthly bills in the UK amounted to £951, excluding expenses for food and beverages.

Partnering with On the Beach, Kerr embarked on his Turkish adventure, settling in at the Port River Hotel and Spa in Antalya. Here, he indulged in sumptuous meals, endless drinks, and the allure of a pristine beach just 300 meters away. Additionally, the resort's proximity to an ancient city with captivating ruins offered occasional diversions from the leisurely pursuits of beach lounging and poolside relaxation.

@joshkerr0 HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE!? Yet again I ask myself why am I still in England? Its literally cheaper to live in a 5 star resort than it is to live in Manchester… #fyp ♬ original sound - Josh Kerr


Kerr's unconventional living arrangement swiftly garnered attention on social media, with many applauding his ingenuity. Some hailed him as a "genius" and a "legend," while others expressed their aspirations to emulate his lifestyle once they secured fully remote employment.

"There’s a guy that has moved into an all inclusive 5* resort in Turkey because it works out cheaper per month than his rent and bills in Manchester which doesn’t even include food… He’s found the ultimate cheat code to the cozzy livs."

"When I get a 100 percent remote role I'll be doing the same thing," another added.

Another commented: "That's bonkers."

"Genius," a fourth said.

And a fifth resolved: "Legend."

Indeed, Kerr's decision to stay in a five-star, all-inclusive resort as a cost-effective alternative to traditional accommodation serves as a testament to the allure of remote work and the boundless possibilities it affords for crafting a lifestyle of leisure and adventure.