Hailey Bieber Reacts After Justin Bieber Posts Photos Of Himself Crying Online

Hailey Bieber reacts to husband Justin Bieber's tearful Instagram post. Fans show concern and support.

Justin and Hailey Bieber

Hailey Bieber has addressed her husband Justin Bieber's recent Instagram post featuring images of him in tears.

Following the upload of two photos showing the pop sensation visibly emotional, fans expressed concern on social media.

The series of pictures shared by Bieber on Saturday showcased various moments, including him performing on stage, an activity he had paused due to his diagnosis with Ramsay Hunt syndrome, an ailment linked to the same virus responsible for chickenpox.

While several images depicted Bieber engaged in his performance, it was the seventh and eighth photos that garnered significant attention, capturing him in tears while donning a jumper and green hat.

Bieber uploaded two pictures of himself crying. (Instagram/ @justinbieber)
Bieber uploaded two pictures of himself crying. (Instagram/ @justinbieber)
Bieber uploaded two pictures of himself crying. (Instagram/ @justinbieber)
Bieber uploaded two pictures of himself crying. (Instagram/ @justinbieber)

Responding to the post, Hailey, who is also Justin's spouse, commented, "A pretty crier," signaling her acknowledgment of the emotional display.

Supportive messages flooded the comments section, with fans offering reassurance and solidarity to the couple. Many emphasized their unwavering support for Bieber, expressing willingness to provide comfort and assistance during difficult times.

One Instagram user said: "It’s not our business why you are sad.

"However, just know as fans we are also supportive of anything you need. I know you sing you feel so lonely but know you do not have to. Any of us would hide you out in our homes, feed ya, let you rest, and keep you safe just because we know and have felt some type of way many times.

"May God be your guiding light."

"We love you Justin, your fans, we will always be there for you, you will always be N1, I know that one day you will come back. My favorite star, don't be sad, my heart is sad," another added.

A third commented: "I hope you’re OK Justin. If not please get help."For individuals facing similar struggles or crises, Mental Health America offers assistance through various channels, including a 24-hour crisis center reachable via call, text, or webchat. Additionally, the Crisis Text Line provides support through texting services.