Wonder Woman 1984: New Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer, Highlights, Poster And More

Wonder Woman 1984: New Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer, Highlights, Poster And More

Here's everything you need to know regarding the much-awaited sequel of DC's beloved female superhero film, Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman is set to return to the big screen with Gal Gadot still playing DC's beloved female superhero role. Still directed by Patty Jenkins, the sequel Wonder Woman 1984 is set to hit theaters this year and the internet has already teased us with a lot of leaks.

Here's everything you should know about the movie before it hits the big screen!

What Is The Plot Of Wonder Woman 1984?

Set in 1984, the Wonder Woman sequel follows Diana/ Wonder Woman as she faces off against Maxwell Lord and Cheetah. 

When Is The Release Date Of Wonder Woman 1984?

Wonder Woman 1984

The new release date for Wonder Woman 1984 is August 14th, 2020. It was originally supposed to hit the big screens on June 5 but was pushed back due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The sequel is still coming exclusively to theaters.

However, with the recent situation, it is still possible that the release date will be moved. There are no updates regarding a new release date yet so we're praying that no more delays will happen. Connie Nielsen who returns as Hippolyta on the film shared the same sentiments regarding the delay.

"We can all cross our fingers [about the August release date. I sure hope so" Nielsen said in an interview with ABC News.

What Are The Things To Look Forward To In Wonder Woman 1984?

Wonder Woman 1984

Based on the trailer, there are two main things to look forward to in the superhero sequel. First, Diana's love interest, WW2 pilot Steve Trevor, is coming back to life! Second, Diana's got a new epic golden suit!

Who Is In The Cast Of Wonder Woman 1984?

Wonder Woman 1984 Cast

Gal Gadot will still play the role of Diana / Wonder Woman while Chris Pine is coming back as Steve. Pedro Pascal and Kristen Wiig will play as Diana's nemesis, Maxwell Lord and Cheetah. Robin Wright and Connie Nielsen are also coming back in their supporting roles.

Is There An Official Trailer For Wonder Woman 1984? 

An official trailer for Wonder Woman 1984 was released months ago.  If you haven't watched the trailer yet, click the video below.


What Are The Highlights Of The Wonder Woman 1984 Official Trailer? 

Wonder Woman 1984

The official trailer opens with Gal Gadot talking about her life and being asked if she has ever been in love. She answered a long long time ago, referencing his previous love interest, Steve (Chris Pine) who died in the first Wonder Woman film in 2017.

By some yet to be explained magic, Steve resurrects from the dead and returns to the longing arms of Diana Prince.

Based on the trailer, it is easy to connect Steve's return with the ominous tycoon Maxwell Lord, played by Pedro Pascal, who is also famous as The Mandalorian.

It looks like Maxwell's sketchy business has something to do with promising people to give them whatever they desire. Hmmm, sounds like a scam, right? Anyways so Maxwell talks about getting “everything you always wanted” and we sure know that for Diana, the only thing her heart desired so bad is Steve!

Soon we find the dashing Steve-Diana duo working together once again against the forces of evil. Also speaking of evil, you might wanna take a closer look at Diana's BFF who she was talking to in the beginning as well. That's Kristen Wiig's Cheetah and it looks like this sequel would shed us more light about the beginning of their feud.

The trailer has also featured a lot of cool action scenes to look forward to, like when Wonder Woman tried to swing with her lasso on the lightning. That's just epic! 

Wonder Woman 1984

But perhaps, the best highlight in the trailer is the reveal of Wonder Woman's golden suit with a detachable wing on the back! The suit is all about giving us final round vibes and we can't wait to see the additional powers it has. How is it different from the last suit? Surely, there's a better purpose other than the looks.

Are There Wonder Woman 1984 Posters?

Here are cool posters officially released for the film. The posters are vibrant, colorful, and vivid. It has a mixture of a modern and retro vibe. These are must-have collections for the ultimate Wonder Woman aficionado!


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