Miranda Cosgrove Reveals That Stalker Who Followed Her For A Decade Set Himself On Fire In Her Front Yard

Miranda Cosgrove's stalker took it to a whole other level! It's so terrible.

Miranda Cosgrove

Miranda Cosgrove has shared details of her encounter with a stalker, including how he set himself on fire in her front garden.

This week, Cosgrove returns to television as the lead character in the Mother of the Bride film on Netflix, where she portrays the bride.

The former iCarly star appears in the film with Brooke Shields, who plays her mother, and in celebration of its release, she spoke with Bustle about her ascent to stardom and what happened once she entered the spotlight.

Thanks to her parts in shows like Drake and Josh and School of Rock, Cosgrove, who is now thirty, became accustomed to a life in front of the camera at a very young age.

She has avoided "any crazy scandals" that occasionally engulf child stars despite her stardom, but she has nevertheless encountered some of the more negative aspects of it.

Cosgrove was stalked by a man who knew where she resided in Los Angeles while she was in her early 20s.

On one occasion, the man shot at a woman who looked like Cosgrove as she drove around in the area.

Cosgrove subsequently ran into the woman who had been the victim of the man's acts at a Kitten Rescue LA event.

Recalling the encounter, she said: “This girl came up to me, and she was like, ‘I didn’t know if I should tell you this here or how to say this, but I’m actually the girl that was at your house that got shot at'.

"She seemed like she processes things in a similar way that I do.

"She said she’d just gone through a breakup the night before and was going to her friend’s house because she was so distraught.

"When they brought her into the Hollywood Police Station to ask what he looked like and how it all happened, the detectives were like, ‘Start from the very beginning. What happened?’

"And she was like, ‘Well, he broke up with me last night,’ and she started telling them all about her breakup.”

Though Cosgrove can look back on that particular event with a more lighter perspective, the situation turned much more sinister when the stalker set himself on fire and fatally shot himself in the front yard of Cosgrove's home.

The actor discussed the long-lasting impacts of the experience as she said: "That’s another reason why I go back and forth to my parents’ house so much. I just don’t feel super safe in that house.

"For two years after it happened, I wouldn’t really stay there. Then I got into a relationship and because that person was there with me, I was less scared. But I don’t really like being there on my own that much.”

Cosgrove is now concentrating on her objective of relocating to a place where she can begin a "new chapter" and feel "really safe."