OnlyFans Model Who Flashed On New York To Dublin Portal Reveals The Staggering Amount Of Money She’s Made From The Scandal

The OnlyFans model who flashed at the New York to Dublin portal has disclosed her earnings as well as her pre-action thoughts.

Ava Louise

The amount of money that an OnlyFans model made after flashing in front of a "portal" that connected New York and Dublin has been made public.

In an attempt to encourage people to interact with one another "above borders and differences and to experience our world as it really is - united and one," Lithuanian artist Benediktas Gylys created a "portal" connecting Ireland and the US.

Unfortunately, some portal visitors received more than they had anticipated after receiving a harsh eye-full from across the world when an OnlyFans model chose to remove her top and flaunt her breasts.

Ava Louise, a 25-year-old OnlyFans model, wasn't the only one who engaged in inappropriate behavior on the portal; other users mooned their asses in public during the livestream, and other Dubliners even shared images of the twin towers from New York.

The Flatiron NoMad Partnership, one of the portal's organizers, revealed that despite the good intentions behind it, the installation had to be temporarily closed in order to give organizers time to figure out how to make sure it was used more responsibly due to the actions of some attendees.


While the portal was left temporarily out of business for a few days, the same can't be said for Louise who's since revealed how much money she's raked in for her racy stunt.

As of May 15, Louise's OnlyFans page had over 30,000 subscribers, thanks to her weekend's topless stunt on the New York side of the site. She anticipates seeing those numbers climb much higher in the days ahead.

She tells the New York Post she 'went there knowing [she] could go viral' if she did it.

Undoubtedly, despite its contentious nature, the decision has benefited the content creator.

According to Louise, she usually makes between $70,000 and $125,000 a month from OnlyFans.

Ava Louise
Ava Louise

She told the Post - in an interview published 15 May: "In the past two days, I made $30,000 just off this whole scandal, so it’s been awesome."

But just because Louise has become well-known on OnlyFans doesn't mean that everyone agrees with her activities; she has previously stated that she doesn't "really car[e]" about the hurtful remarks she encounters online.

She adds her parents found out about the stunt in the newspaper and 'at this point, when [her] parents see [her] with [her] boobs out somewhere, they’re just like, ‘That’s just Ava!'"