Selena Gomez Reacts To Justin And Hailey Bieber's Pregnancy News With Defiant Post

Selena Gomez responded to Justin and Hailey Bieber's pregnancy news with a feisty message.

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez appears to have reacted to Justin and Hailey Bieber's revelation that they are having a baby together.

Since Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber revealed that they would be getting married, there has been much curiosity regarding whether and when they will announce that they are expecting.

After considerable speculation, the couple revealed yesterday that Hailey is definitely pregnant and they are expecting their first child together.

They made the joyous announcement on their Instagram sites, with each just tagging the other in their caption.

On Justin's Instagram, the announcement included photos of the couple appearing to do a photoshoot together, with Justin photographing Hailey.

Hailey was dressed in a loose-fitting, translucent white gown evocative of a wedding dress.

In one shot, the couple poses together, with Hailey displaying her modest developing bulge.

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Selena Gomez has since posted on her Instagram page.

Selena and Justin were once Hollywood's 'It' couple, dating on and off from 2010 until 2018.

Anyway, shortly after Bieber's pregnancy announcement, Selena shared a photo of herself with current boyfriend Benny Blanco, teasing her upcoming cooking show on Max.

Selena Gomez posted on Instagram after the Bieber's announcement. (Instagram/@selenagomez)
Selena Gomez posted on Instagram after the Bieber's announcement. (Instagram/@selenagomez)

While the Disney actress hasn't officially acknowledged the couple's good news, her Instagram Stories have sparked speculation about the timing.

Hailey previously addressed the flood of pregnancy rumors that have been spreading online in an interview with GQ.

She told the outlet: “Recently, everybody was like, ‘Oh, my God, she’s pregnant,’ and that’s happened to me multiple times before.

"There is something that’s disheartening about, ‘Damn, I can’t be bloated one time and not be pregnant?'”

The star added: “When there comes a day that that is true, you— you, as in the internet — will be the last to know.”

Now, the couple has revealed their pregnancy on the internet.

Hailey revealed to GQ that she'd been thinking about it for a while.

She said it was “something that I look forward to. It’s also such a private, intimate thing. It’s something that’s going to come when it comes.

"Let me do what I want to do with my body and you guys can do what you want to do with your body — and let’s just let it be that."

People have been posting their emotions to the incredible news, with one fan writing: "AHHH YESSSS I love yall so much. You’re literally gonna be the greatest papa ever. So excited for this new chapter."

Another commented: "Can’t wait. love you guys," and a third posted: "I literally am dying to see your reaction when she told you about the pregnancy."