Student Admits To Hazing Freshman Leaving Him Permanently Blind And Unable To Speak Or Walk

A college hazing went very very bad.

Student Left Permanantly Injured After Hazing

Daniel Santulli was left fighting for his life, and a student entered a guilty plea to misdemeanor hazing and providing alcohol to a child.

In 2021, Daniel, a student at the University of Missouri, enrolled in college and made the decision to join a fraternity, as many college students do.

Nevertheless, in October of that year, Daniel's circumstances took a terrible turn, and he had to be taken to the hospital while still making the fraternity pledge.

Daniel, who was 18 at the time, reportedly had to consume an entire bottle of vodka as part of the vow, and he also had to force-feed beer through a tube.

The night's events are captured on camera, and Daniel's alleged frat brothers can be seen taking him to the hospital.

Doctors discovered that the teenager had alcohol poisoning when he arrived. Daniel's heart had stopped beating, so they also had to restart it.

Daniel's experience caused serious brain damage; as a result, he is forever blind and unable to walk or talk.

Daniel Santulli now needs round-the-clock care. (GMA)
Daniel Santulli now needs round-the-clock care. (GMA)

His family claims that he requires round-the-clock care, and MailOnline notes that his medical expenses exceed $2 million.

After the sad event, Daniel's relatives spoke out and recalled visiting him in the hospital.

Nick Santulli, Daniel's brother, told ABC News in 2022: "I saw Danny in the medical ICU at the hospital at Mizzou. And it's just a bunch of tubes everywhere."

"That's an image that will probably never leave my head," he said.

Daniel's mother provided an update on his health at that time somewhere else.

"He's still not talking or walking," Mary Pat Santulli, explained on Good Morning America. "He's in a wheelchair. He lost his vision. But he hears us, and he knows we're there."

Daniel’s mother, who is now his caregiver full-time, continued by saying that the family was 'not going to give up hope'.

In connection with Daniel's circumstances, two pupils were charged after the almost fatal incident.

One of the two students prosecuted at the time, Ryan Delanty, now faces a six-month prison sentence.

Delanty entered a guilty plea in Boone County on Friday, May 10, for misdemeanor hazing and providing alcohol to a child.

Prosecutors will suggest a six-month jail term followed by six months of home arrest as part of a plea deal.

On May 24, Delanty is scheduled to be sentenced.

Thomas Schultz, the other charged student, entered a guilty plea to providing alcohol to a child in April.

He was given a sentence that included two years of probation, 30 days in jail, community service, and finishing a drug and alcohol education course.