John Cena Praised For The Way He Told Fan To Leave Him Alone

While having dinner with pals, John Cena was approached by a fan.

John Cena

While there are benefits to being a celebrity, there are a number of disadvantages to being in the spotlight. The difficulty to walk out in public without someone recognizing you is one prominent drawback. Being the object of affection for others must be pleasant, but at times it must be exhausting to be the center of attention all the time.

The abundance of videos on social media of celebrities snagging admirers who have inadvertently crossed their bounds or have just approached them on an off day is not shocking.

In light of this, John Cena has been receiving appreciation for how he handled a fan who insisted on hearing the wrestler-turned-actor utter a catchphrase while he was dining out with pals.

With their camera out, a fan stepped up to Cena and said, "Can you 'you can't see me, like?'" "How about 'can I enjoy some time with my friends?'" the Peacemaker star skillfully said.

"Ah sorry," the person filming replied, retreating as Cena acknowledged them with a nod.

The interaction was shared on TikTok with the comment "L John Cena," but viewers of the video were certain that it was a huge victory.

@alex99rocks my friend met john cena and decided to be a cornball🤣 @Arya ♬ original sound - alex


One said Cena was 'actually so nice,' while another declared that he 'manages to always carry himself with hustle, loyalty and respect.'

A third expressed that he "couldn't have been more professional," while many others expressed outrage at the title of the video, trying to argue that this was, in some ways, a failure for Cena.

Another person complimented Cena for not using profanity or raising his voice during the exchange with the fan, calling him a "polite boundary-setter."

Others believed that instead of putting a camera on celebrities and asking them to quote their favorite movies, it was acceptable to approach them with the simple greeting,

"Hi, huge fan, I hope you're having a great day," and then walk away.

In a recent interview with the Impaulsive podcast, John Cena discussed his thoughts when he requests that fans leave him alone.

He said: "I am big on hard work, loyalty and respect. Also accountability. Man it's tough when you get emotional about something, it's tough to make sense of it all and I'm not at all perfect, but again try to be who you say you are.

"I also try to have more empathy every day, I understand 'hey if this video makes it, I'm on easy street' but in the realm of having empathy, what about me? I'm just trying to buy my coffee.

"I just try to handle those things one at a time and not let my emotions completely dominate the situation. It's impossible to bat 1,000."