The Kissing Booth 3: Everything We Know So Far

The Kissing Booth 3: Everything We Know So Far

The third installment of the romantic comedy film is coming in 2021 on Netflix.

The Kissing Booth is among the most popular teen romantic comedy films on Netflix, and fans just can not seem to get enough of Elle and Noah.

So when Netflix finally announced that The Kissing Booth 3 is happening, fans were left in a frenzy!

A lot has happened since Elle fell in love with Noah in the first film, risking her lifelong friendship with Noah's younger brother Lee.

They survived the challenges of a long-distance relationship in the second film, but as Elle opens a new chapter in her life, she will have to overcome a bigger problem. 

Here's everything we know about The Kissing Booth 3. 


The Kissing Booth Returns For The Third Time

Elle and Noah are revisiting the kissing booth for the third time, but this might also be the end of their blossoming relationship story.

No, we don't mean they are breaking up (although their relationship would surely be put to the test again in Kissing Booth 3).

What we are trying to say is that the third installment of the romantic comedy film will also be the last (at least that's what we know for now).

 While accepting a People's Choice Award for Comedy Movie Star, The Kissing Booth 2, lead star Joey King said: 

“I told myself that if I won, I would share a very exciting piece of news with everybody, so I want to tell you that Kissing Booth 3, our final installment, is going to be released in summer 2021!"


Well, at least we could choose to focus on the positive side of the statement: Kissing Booth 3 is coming next year!

Netflix also took to social media to share the great news.

The streaming giant shared a short teaser clip showing Elle and Noah getting flirtatious after Elle declined a call from Harvard admission. Thanks to the teaser, we now know what to expect on Kissing Booth 3. We'll talk more about this below. 


When Will Kissing Booth 3 Release? 

There is still no specific release date, but we do know that it's dropping sometime in 2021.

Kissing Booth premiered on Netflix on May 11, 2018, while season 2 dropped on July 24, 2020.

The third movie was shot at the same time as The Kissing Booth 2, so there is no need to worry about the production getting delayed by the nasty pandemic.

Kissing Booth 3 is likely to drop around the same month as the previous films, between May and July.

We will update this space once we get the exact release date, feel free to check back from time to time. 


The Plot: What Will Happen In Kissing Booth 3? 

After Elle sorted her feelings out between Noah and Marco in season 2, she is now bound to make another big life-changing decision, one that could severely affect the two most important relationships of her life.

Will she go to Harvard with Noah or Berkeley with Lee?

In the final moments of Kissing Booth 2, Elle finds out that she has been accepted to both prestigious universities.

We know how Lee freaked out and got angry when he saw Elle's Harvard application. How much more when he finds out that Elle passed?

But then the long-distance relationship is not working well for Elle and Noah's relationship too.

Noah's absence made Elle insecure and jealous in the relationship, and unwittingly develop an attraction to Marco.

Who will Elle choose? We'll get our answers in the third film.

The Kissing Booth

Who Among The Cast Members Are Returning For Kissing Booth 3? 

All our favorite Kissing Booth cast members are coming back!

This includes Joey King as Elle Evans, Joel Courtney as Lee Flynn, and Jacob Elordi as Noah Flynn.

Taylor Zakhar Perez, Maisie Richardson-Sellers, Meganne Young, and Molly Ringwald are joining the team for the third film, Deadline reports.

Behind the camera, we have Vince Marcello returning as director and screenplay writer alongside Jay Arnold, who helped him pen the script.

Marcello also wrote and directed the first two movies.

Kissing Booth 3 Official Trailer

Netflix is yet to drop the official trailer for Kissing Booth 3. Don't worry because we are pretty sure it will be here soon.

In the meantime, here is the season 2 trailer for you. We will update this space once Netflix releases the official trailer. 


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