Someone Edited The Lion King To Look More Like The Animated Movie And The Critics Are Happy

Someone Edited The Lion King To Look More Like The Animated Movie And The Critics Are Happy

This remake of The Lion King uses Deepfake to mix live-action with the original 1994 animation movie.

There is no denying that the live-action version of 'The Lion King' is always going to be contentious since the original movie is always etched in our hearts. The audience is very much used to seeing baby Simba’s big, sad Disney eyes and Scar’s malevolent grin. In the live-action movie, seeing the actual lions was a bit different. Some people who watched the movie felt that the realism of the Pride Rock residents took away some of the expressiveness and emotion of the animated characters. 


In order to bring some change to that aspect, some people re-made the entire movie in the animated style once more. Artists Nikolay Mochkin and Jonty Pressinger decided that they preferred Disney's 1994 animated film more and instead of re-shooting the whole movie, they simply got deepfakes to do their job. 


The finished video is only 18 seconds long and shows new versions of classic characters such as Simba, Scar, Nala, Timone, and Pumba. Those who have seen the clip already, are heavily impressed by the skills shown by Mochkin and Pressinger and they said that the Deepfake version of 'The Lion King' as ‘awesome’ and perfect’. 


One person said, "Wow! I would have watched the deep fake version of The Lion King hands-down." Another one added, "Wow wow wow YES! You absolutely NAILED IT! I hope you catch a huge break from this. Amazing work!" The live-action version of the movie enjoyed the biggest opening weekend ever for any Disney remake as it earned a whopping $185 million from almost 5,000 North American cinemas. Worldwide, The Lion King collected $269 million and a global total came up to $433 million. 


This movie was also the second-best US domestic debut of 2019 so far, with 'Avengers: Endgame' being the first which took $357m. The star-studded cast of 'The Lion King' contributed a lot to attract the cinema-goers to returning to the Pridelands and many left wowed by how completely gorgeous the film looked. 

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