'Wrong Turn' 7: Everything We Know So Far

'Wrong Turn' 7: Everything We Know So Far

The woods are still as dangerous as before.

"In 2003, we were told not to go in the woods. In 2021, we still haven't learned. "

Be prepared to relive the terror, as the seventh installment of the 'Wrong Turn' film series hit the theaters this month.

Officially titled 'Wrong Turn: The Foundation', the upcoming reboot will be R-rated for the strong, bloody, violence that the film series is known for.

Do you think you can handle this? Let's get started. 

Wrong Turn 7

'Wrong Turn' 7 Release Date: When Is the 'Wrong Turn: The Foundation' Coming Out? 

'Wrong Turn: The Foundation' will hit the US theaters on 26 January 2021.

The film was supposed to release last year, but the pandemic got in the way and caused delays.

The film is already completed and is just waiting for the release date.

'Wrong Turn: The Foundation' is directed by Mike P. Nelson, while the original screenwriter of 'Wrong Turn' in 2003, Alan B. McElroy, returned to write the script. 

Wrong Turn 7

'Wrong Turn: The Foundation' Plot: What Is It All About? 

The official trailer for the 2021 reboot already dropped, and it seems to hint that the seventh film is a secret sequel to the original 2003 movie.

'Wrong Turn: The Foundation' follows a group of friends who are hiking the Appalachian Trail.

Soon they find themselves being hunted by the "Foundation", a community of the descendants of the cannibalistic inbreds that live in the mountains.

What makes the reboot different from the rest of the films in the series is the political aspirations of these descendants.

In the past, the cannibals are portrayed as semi-simpleton creatures that think about nothing else but trapping unwary people to eat.

In 'Wrong Turn: The Foundation', the cannibalistic inbred family now desires to form a new country out of their home base. 

Wrong Turn 7

'Wrong Turn: The Foundation' Cast: Who's Coming? 

Here's the complete list of cast members of 'Wrong Turn: The Foundation'.

'The Misfits Club' Charlotte Vega will star as Jen Shaw, alongside Adain Bradley as Darius Clemons, Bill Sage as Venable / Ram Skull, Emma Dumont as Milla D'Angelo, Dylan McTee as Adam Lucas, Daisy Head as Edith, Matthew Modine as Scott, and Adrian Favela as Luis Ortiz.

Also joining the list is Vardaan Arora as Gary Amaan, Tim de Zarn as Nate Roades, David Hutchison as Cullen / Wild Boar Skull, Damian Maffei as Morgan / Deer Skull, Mark Mench as Standard / Wolf Skull, Valerie Jane Parker as Corrine, and Chaney Morrow as Hobbs among others.

'Wrong Turn: The Foundation' Official Trailer

Here's the official trailer for 'Wrong Turn: The Foundation'. Watch a group of young explorers take the wrong turn and fall straight into the traps of the cannibals in the trailer below.

Once again, 'Wrong Turn: The Foundation' will release in theaters on 26 January 2021. 


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