Miley Cyrus's Mom Tish Reveals 'Issues' In Marriage After Finding Out Her New Husband 'Had A Relationship' With Her Daughter

Tish Cyrus admits to marital struggles with Dominic Purcell amid reports of her daughter's past involvement with him.

Miley Cyrus and Mom Tish Cyrus

Tish Cyrus has revealed that she's encountering some challenges in her marriage with Dominic Purcell. Tish, known as the mother of Miley Cyrus, tied the knot with Dominic in August 2023 following a whirlwind romance with the actor. This came after her previous marriage to Billy Ray Cyrus, which ended in separation in April 2022. Billy Ray has since remarried, exchanging vows with singer Firerose (real name Johanna Rosie Hodge) in October 2023. Tish and Billy Ray's relationship had been tumultuous over their 30-year union, and Tish has encountered difficulties in her new marriage as well.

Dominic Purcell and Tish Cyrus
Dominic Purcell and Tish Cyrus

Recent reports indicated that Tish's youngest daughter, Noah, 24, had a relationship with Dominic before her mother, a fact apparently known to Tish. Sources claimed that Dominic, 54, and Noah were involved in a 'friends with benefits' arrangement. Notably, Miley, the most prominent member of the Cyrus family, was unaware of her sister's involvement with her mother's new spouse. When approached for comment on the initial reports, representatives for Noah, Tish, Dominic, and Miley remained silent. Adding suspicion, Noah and her brother Braison were absent from Tish and Dominic's wedding ceremony.

Noah Cyrus
Noah Cyrus

Now, Tish has opened up about the marital issues she and Dominic are facing. During an episode of her podcast, Sorry We're Stoned, the 56-year-old admitted feeling apprehensive when she first met Dominic, given their astrological signs—she's a Taurus, he's an Aquarius—supposedly an unfavorable match according to conventional wisdom. "I was so scared when I first met Dom, my husband, which was not that long ago. But it is crazy because I am a Taurus and he is an Aquarius, and every single thing I read said, 'Don’t even do it. It is the absolute worst pairing'."

Tish acknowledged her tendency to take things personally, contrasting with Dominic's straightforward nature, which often leads to friction between them. However, they've been actively addressing their problems, fostering open communication and understanding.

Despite these challenges, Tish remains deeply committed to Dominic. In a recent Instagram post celebrating Dominic's birthday, she expressed profound gratitude for their relationship and the lessons he's taught her. Despite the difficulties, she anticipates an exciting future with him.