Dancers Suing Lizzo Hit Out On Musician’s ‘Victim’ Post After Announcing She’s ‘Quitting’ Music

Dancers suing Lizzo criticize her for announcing she's quitting music, calling her a "joke" and accusing her of playing the victim. Conflict ensues amid ongoing legal battle.


The dancers who are suing Lizzo have recently responded to the singer's announcement of quitting the music industry, calling her post a "joke" and accusing her of attempting to portray herself as a victim. This latest development adds fuel to the ongoing legal battle between Lizzo and her former backup dancers, who have accused her of sexual harassment and creating a hostile work environment.

Lizzo's decision to step away from music comes amidst a turbulent period for the artist, marked by the lawsuit and persistent online harassment regarding her body image. In her Instagram post, Lizzo expressed frustration with being constantly scrutinized and misrepresented, lamenting the toll it has taken on her mental and emotional well-being.

"I'm getting tired of putting up with being dragged by everyone in my life and on the internet," she penned on Instagram.

"All I want is to make music and make people happy and help the world be a little better than how I found it. But I'm starting to feel like the world doesn't want me in it.

"I'm constantly up against lies being told about me for clout & views... being the butt of the joke every single time because of how I look.

"My character being picked apart by people who don't know me and disrespecting my name."

"I didn't sign up for this s**t. I quit," Lizzo concluded the post.


The dancers' attorney, Ron Zambrano, characterized Lizzo's statement as an attention-seeking maneuver and criticized her for failing to take responsibility for her actions. He suggested that her public relations strategy has been ineffective and that she is resorting to portraying herself as a victim to deflect from her own shortcomings.

"It's a joke that Lizzo would say she is being bullied by the internet when she should instead be taking an honest look at herself.

"Her latest post is just another outburst seeking attention and trying to deflect from her own failings as she continues to blame everyone else for the predicament she is in.

"Lizzo's legal and public relations strategy is a failure, so she is desperately trying to play the victim."

Zambrano added that Lizzo has 'thrown these childish tantrums before'.

"No one actually believes she is quitting music," he added.

Zambrano's statement reflects a contentious dynamic between Lizzo and her accusers, with both sides presenting contrasting narratives of the events leading up to the lawsuit. While Lizzo maintains her innocence and asserts that she is being unfairly targeted, the dancers and their legal representatives contend that her behavior has been detrimental and necessitates accountability.

Ultimately, the ongoing dispute between Lizzo and her former dancers raises broader questions about accountability, power dynamics within the music industry, and the impact of social media on celebrity culture.