Tom Hiddleston Shares The Details Of His TV-Series, Says Its A Mega Marvel Movie

Tom Hiddleston Shares The Details Of His TV-Series, Says Its A Mega Marvel Movie

Among a lot of other TV shows that are going to air at Disney+, Loki is one of them and the star shares some never before known details.

Tom Hiddleston is all ready to return as 'Loki' in the latest Disney+ streaming service and in a recent interview, the God of Mischief gave Marvel Cinematic Universe fans a better idea of what they can expect when the show releases in Spring 2021. While it may seem that it is still a while until the show airs, it really isn't, and it has been rumored that the upcoming series will tie directly into the events of Thor: Love and Thunder, which hits theaters at the end of 2021.


When asked about the Loki series, Hiddleston says that it is going to be six hours which coincides with what Elizabeth Olsen had to say about the WandaVision series. He added saying that he has played the character for nearly a decade now and it meant that it would need to be reinvented over and over again. This will present him with formidable opponents the likes of which he has never seen or known. Hiddleston did not share anything else about the new Disney+ series, but MCU fans are already excited to see where Loki ends up after stealing the Tesseract and escaping during Avengers: Endgame.


Since Hiddleston has already played the role of Loki in Infinity War and Endgame, the actor knew all of the major story points for his character well ahead of time. While talking about his time coming to an end, the actor knew that it was coming, but he was okay with it, especially when he considered how much time he has spent playing the role over the years. In an interview with TVWeb, he said, "When we shot (Infinity War), they knew (Loki would be back in Endgame). For sure, I knew about the Endgame piece. But I knew that in terms of Loki's journey, the arc was complete at the beginning of Infinity War, and it was very emotional. Josh Brolin was very sweet. He was like 'I'm sorry, man.' But also bless them, Joe and Anthony (Russo) were like 'this is momentous, this is how we're ending the film and this is the end of Loki and that's it.' And when I shot it, I thought that was absolutely the last time I would play the character."


After the events of Endgame, he thought he will be finished with Loki, but it turns out that he was wrong. He later learned about the Loki show, but as it turns out, he found out well in advance and way before it was on the public's radar even a bit. He added, "(All that) meant I had to go and do press for Infinity War going 'yup, that's it, guys. So I did know about it then, but I didn't know what the story was. Working with them on what it's going to be, what the content's going to be, what the meat and potatoes of the story are gonna be, the tone, the context, the different challenges, it's so exciting."


It goes without saying that Hiddleston is looking forward to the series and the production will begin early next year. The actor says this, "is the most exciting aspect of it." If all goes well, the MCU's Phase 4 will seamlessly weave stories together from the big screen to the small screen, keeping everything connected as Marvel Studios has done before.

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