Here Are All The Upcoming Movies Starring Brie Larson

Here Are All The Upcoming Movies Starring Brie Larson

Brie Larson made history after she became the first female superhero to have her own standalone movie by MCU. These are the other movies where she is going to appear.

Brianne Sidonie Desaulniers, professionally known as Brie Larson is an American actress, director, and singer. Born in Sacramento, California, she was home-schooled before she studied acting at the American Conservatory Theater. She began her acting career in television, appearing as a regular on the 2001 sitcom 'Raising Dad', for which she was nominated for a Young Artist Award.

During her teenage years, Larson had brief roles in the 2004 films '13 Going on 30' and 'Sleepover'. After her appearance as Captain Marvel that made history, some might call her fame an overnight phenomenon. But that is far from being the truth. She received the Academy Award for Best Actress for her outstanding performance in 'Room' and then she subsequently bagged role as Captain Marvel, Marvel’s first female superhero film. There are other movies that she is going to appear in 2019 and 2020.

1. Avengers: Endgame


By now, all the Marvel followers know how 'Avengers: Infinity War' ended. Nick Fury sends a distress signal to Captain Marvel before he becomes a victim of the decimation. In the trailers released, we see Captain Marvel coming down to Earth to help the Earth's mightiest superheroes and also to avenge the fallen. Brie Larson reprises her role as Captain Marvel and fans are rooting of her to give the Mad Titan some much-needed ass whopping. 

2. Just Mercy


It is an upcoming movie based on the drama book of the same name that follows the story of Stevenson, played by Michael B. Jordan, a young lawyer who starts a bitter rivalry with a corrupt legal system. Larson goes to work once again with her ‘Short Term 12’ director Destin Cretton for the movie, which also has Jamie Foxx on board. According to various other reports, the movie follows Stevenson’s first controversial case of Walter McMillian, an African American who was sentenced to death for a criminal act he didn’t commit. Larson plays the role of the young local advocate Eva Ansley who supports and works alongside Stevenson to save the lives of wrongly sentenced people. 

3. Lady Business


'Lady Business' by Netflix will be produced by Brie Larson and she is also star in the leading role. According to various reports, the deal includes the production of ‘Lady Business’ as well as the worldwide rights to Larson’s feature directorial debut, ‘Unicorn Store.’ Apart from starring in the lead role and producing it, she is also heading the project. From what little is known till now, the movie is based on a Fast Company article written by John Paul Titlow, which tells the true story of two female entrepreneurs, Penelope Gazin and Kate Dwyer. Both the females create a make-believe third male company founder to get into the male-dominated business world. Even though Larson plays a big role in the movie, what her character is going to be is yet to be revealed. 

4. Victoria Woodhull


Back in 2017, Deadline reported that Amazon Studios has acquired rights to ‘Victoria Woodhull’ with Brie Larson starring in the leading role of the first female candidate for the presidency of the United States. Brett Ratner was supposed to direct and write the film originally, but after he was charged with several allegations of sexual harassment, he was obviously replaced. The movie will be produced by Larson alongside Whalerock Industries’ Lloyd Braun and Andrew Mittman.

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