'The Ice Road': Everything We Know So Far

'The Ice Road': Everything We Know So Far

Liam Neeson's big-budgeted action film is coming to Netflix this June.

Get ready because the man with particular sets of skills is coming back on another epic rescue mission, this time, in a literally frozen road. 

'The Ice Road' is one of Netflix's biggest purchases in the European Film Market, along with Christian Bale’s 'The Pale Blue Eye' and Colin Firth’s 'Operation Mincemeat.' The streaming giant snatched the deal from other competitors for a whopping $18M. 

'The Ice Road' stars Liam Neeson and will be written and directed by Jonathan Hensleigh. Hensleigh has notable credits for writing box office films, 'Die Hard With a Vengeance,' 'Jumanji,' and 'Armageddon.' He also wrote and directed the 2004 action movie 'The Punisher' starring Thomas Jane.

The Ice Road

When Will 'The Ice Road' Release On Netflix?

'The Ice Road' is coming to Netflix on June 25, 2021. Netflix confirmed the upcoming film's release date alongside first look photos of the movie. 


The film is already confirmed to release in the US, but we are still verifying its availability in other regions.

'The Ice Road' has already completed production as of March 2020 in Winnipeg, Ile-des-Chenes, and Gimli. Filming lasted only three months (from January to March 2020), and the team managed to wrap up before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world. 

Producer Bart Rosenblatt revealed some of the tricks they used in order to get the film's icy aesthetic to come to life. 

“We laid water down, and then actually, even though it looks like it’s just ice, it’s all been painted with ice paint. I know that Liam Neeson and Laurence Fishburne all thought, and all of us thought it was really otherworldly being out on the ice." producer Bart Rosenblatt said in an interview with Winnipeg news. 

The Ice Road

What Is The Plot Of 'The Ice Road'?

Liam Neeson plays an expert driver who takes an impossible mission to rescue trapped miners after a remote diamond mine collapses. Liam must traverse the dangerous frozen ocean to complete the mission, but the thawing waters and unforeseen threats will make the task even harder.

“The only way to get the equipment up to save the miners is to take it on the ice roads with three 18-wheelers," Producer Bart Rosenblatt said.

'The Ice Road' is produced by Aperture Media, the same company behind 'The Trial of Chicago 7', and 'Atomic Blonde,' together with Envision Media Arts ('Mr. Church', 'Death of Me'), and Code Entertainment ('Kill the Irishman,' 'Drowning Mona').

The Ice Road

Who Are In The Cast Of 'The Ice Road'?

Oscar and Golden Globes nominee Liam Neeson plays the lead role of the upcoming film. As you might already know, 'The Ice Road' isn't the first time to play a rescuer in an action film. One of his iconic roles was in 'Taken,' where he has a particular set of skills he used to rescue his kidnapped daughter.

In 'The Ice Road,' Neeson will be playing Mike, the specialist driver who will lead the impossible rescue across the frozen ocean.

Neeson fans must not miss this film, for it might be his last action movie. He has already announced that he is already planning to retire from action films soon.

Lawrence Fishburne will be joining Neeson in the upcoming film, alongside Holt McCallany, Amber Midthuner, and Matt McCoy. They will be playing the roles of Goldenrod, Rene Lampard, Tantoo, and George Sickle, respectively.

Is There An Official Trailer For 'The Ice Road'? 

We are still waiting for the official trailer of 'The Ice Road.' We are certain that it will be here very soon as the film's release date draws closer. We will be updating this space once the official trailer drops. 


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