'Super Mario Bros.': The Movie- Everything We Know So Far

'Super Mario Bros.': The Movie- Everything We Know So Far

The famous video game will have an animated feature film adaptation with Nintendo working closely with the giant minds behind successful animated films Despicable Me and more.

This article was recently reviewed and is up to date as of September 25, 2020.

It seems like 2022 is going to be a year for video game film adaptations. One of the latest films announced for the year is Super Mario Bros.: The Movie.

Yup, we're talking about the 1985 Nintendo video game where we have to go to intense labyrinth adventures to save a princess. 

While the first film based on the game was so bad, Nintendo is intent on taking the quality of the next film into their own hands and have enlisted the help of a huge animated studio for the project.

Here are all the early details about the film adaptation. 

Super Mario Bros

What Is The Plot And What Can We Expect From Super Mario Bros.: The Movie?

Nintendo is partnering with  Illumination Entertainment for this project with the help of Chris Meledandri, the founder and brilliant producer behind highly successful animated films Despicable Me and The Secret Life of Pets.

In 2018,  Illumination Entertainment revealed that they are planning to make an animated version of the game for the big screen.

The film follows the plot of the game where we see Mario and Luigi working together to save a trapped princess. 

We can expect Mario and Luigi to climb mountains, cross seas, avoid bottomless pits and deadly traps, to save Princess Peach against the evil Koopa King.

The first Super Mario Bros. film was released in 1993. Unlike the upcoming film, this live-action movie was loosely based on the game starring Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo as the infamous Mario and Luigi.

The film was not received well and only had 23% ratings listed by Rotten Tomatoes. 

Super Mario Bros 1993

Will The Animated Version Be Better Than The Live-Action Film? 

We have huge hopes that this version will be so much better especially because Nintendo will be working closely with Illumination Entertainment for this plan.

Illumination founder Chris Meledandri spoke to Variety revealing he's closely working with Super Mario Bros' designer and producer Shigeru Miyamoto.

“We are keeping him front and center in the creation of this film,” 

“I’ve rarely seen that happen with any adaptation where the original creative voice is being embraced like we’re embracing Miyamoto. There’s a history in Hollywood of people believing that they know better than the people responsible for a property. I’ve made that mistake before.” Meledandri shared.

The first films' bad reputation does not bother Meledandri.

“I like that this was not done well the first time,” he said. “I think that’s more exciting or more worthy than simply making another version of a film that was done incredibly well, to begin with.”

Super Mario Bros joins Illumination

When Is The Release Date For Super Mario Bros.: The Movie?

Per IMDB, the film adaptation is set to release on 16 September 2022. Of course, this is may still change. For now, just pencil the date in.

Nintendo said “production is moving ahead smoothly”

Super Mario Bros

Who Are The Cast Members Of Super Mario Bros.: The Movie?

There are no cast members revealed for the film yet.

IMDB has however listed Karen Feltzenbaum and John Hanna as casting directors for New York and Connecticut, so maybe, we could expect something soon.

For now, we can surely expect to see the game's significant characters Mario, Luigi, Princess Peaches, and Koopa King.

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