Special Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Special Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Netflix's award-winning inclusive series will level up for season 2.

Netflix's Special is a flamboyant series that deserves all the praises!

The drama series starring, written, and created by Ryan O'Connell went out to get three short-form Emmy nominations after it's release in 2019 and bagged the Short Form New Media ā€“ Original award in Writers Guild of America Awards in 2020.

Special is a semi-autobiographical show that tells the story of Ryan Hayes, a young gay man with cerebral palsy who decides to finally take on life courageously.

Thanks to the major success brought by season 1, Special's future is looking great. Here's all you need to know about Netflix's Special. 


Has Special Been Renewed For Season 2? 

Big YES! Special has been officially renewed for season 2 by Netflix, thanks to season 1's massive success! Netflix announced the renewal in December 2019. 


What Is The Plot Of Special Season 2? 

If you think season one is already too hot to handle, wait until you see season 2! Ryan O'Connell already promised to "level up" Special for season 2.

Speaking to EW, the multitalented writer and actor revealed he'll bring in more writers for season 2.

"You think I was going to write that sā€” again all by myself? Take years off my life!"

O'Connell also revealed that his character would continue to face struggles surrounding his identity and disability.

"He still has a lot of issues regarding disability, and not everything is footloose and fancy-free."

Ryan and his overprotective mother somehow soured their relationship after engaging in a heated argument by the end of season one. We can expect to see Ryan and his mom patch things up for season 2.

O'Connell also promised fans more gay sex for Special season 2.

Season one only carried out15-minute episodes, and it's not sure if season 2 will follow the same format.  


Who Will Be In The Cast Of Special Season 2? 

Ryan O'Connell is coming back as his semi auto-biographical character Ryan Hayes. Other characters are also expected to return, including Jessica Hecht as Karen Hayes (Ryan's mom), Punam Patel as Kim Laghari (Ryan's friend), Marla Mindelle as Olivia (Ryan and Kim's boss), Augustus Prew as Carey (one of Kim's best friends), and Patrick Fabian as Phil (Karen's love interest). 


When Is Special Season 2 Coming To Netflix? 

There is still no official release date yet as of this writing. It's also worth noting that the team halted production due to Coronavirus, so things might get delayed.

The production team managed to film four out of eight episodes, and Ryan O'Connell has been "full time" editing these during the quarantine.

When Can We Expect To See The Official Trailer For Special Season 2? 

With everything still in the production stage, it's quite impossible to tell. Trailers often release a month leading to a show's premiere. For now, let's enjoy Special season 1's trailer while waiting.


Other Interesting Facts About Netflix's Special

Special is based on a memoir  I'm Special: And Other Lies We Tell Ourselves (2015) written by Ryan O'Connell. 

The show is based on his own experience as a gay man with cerebral palsy.

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