'Scrooge: A Christmas Carol' : Trailer, Release Date, Cast, Plot and More

'Scrooge: A Christmas Carol' : Trailer, Release Date, Cast, Plot and More

We can't seem to get anough of Dickens' timeless classic, here's everything you need to know about the latest adaptation of Scrooge: A Christmas Carol.

Scrooge: A Christmas Carol

Charles Dicken's A Christmas Carol has made a comeback in our lives time and again! The piece of art has been adapted innumerable times over the years. From the 1901 silent film to the 1992 adaptation featuring an all-star cast of muppets, we can't seem to get enough! So, let me break it to you that Netflix is bringing yet another iteration of Dickens' timeless tale to our screen next month! Scrooge: A Christmas Carol, which is set to land on the streamer in December 2022, boasts a fantastic voice cast! Here's everything we know about yet another faithful adaptation of the classic. Read on!

Release Date and How to Watch...

Netflix has scheduled the premiere for December 2, 2022. The movie will debut worldwide on the mentioned date. 

What's The Plot of Scrooge: A Christmas Carol?


The musical is set to explore time-traveling themes and is also sometimes described as a cult Christmas Story. The adaptation will stay very close to the source material and include the story's original elements, which means it is set to revolve around the protagonist Ebenezer Scrooge. People familiar with the story know that the protagonist will be given a chance to learn from his past and future in order to make life-changing decisions that will change the course of his life. The film will follow the original storyline in the form of a musical but with some added refreshing elements. The character will witness the past, present, and future, and the audience will witness the same along with him. Here is the official synopsis for Scrooge: The Christmas Carol:

Produced by Timeless Films in association with Axis Studios and directed by Stephen Donnelly, Charles Dickens' ageless legend is reborn in this supernatural, time-travelling, musical adaptation of the definitive Christmas story. With his very soul on the line, Scrooge has but one Christmas Eve left to face his past and build a better future. Featuring re-imagined songs from the legendary and two-time Academy Award® winner Leslie Bricusse OBE, Scrooge: A Christmas Carol is one for a new generation to sing.

Who's In The Cast of Scrooge: A Christmas Carol?


The Voice Cast List is as Below... 

Luke Evans as Adult Scrooge
Olivia Colman as 'Past', the Ghost of Christmas Past
Jessie Buckley as Isabel Fezziwig
Johnny Flynn as Bob Cratchit
Fra Fee as Harry Huffam
Giles Terera as Tom Jenkins
Trevor Dion Nicholas as Present
James Cosmo as Mr. Fezziwig
Jonathan Pryce as Jacob Marley

Who Are The Creators of Scrooge: A Christmas Carol?

The music for Scrooge: A Christmas Carol was penned by the late Leslie Bricusse and will be used in this adaptation. Jeremy Holland-Smith also worked on the background scores, and Ralph Kamp and Andrew Pearce joined hands with Rebecca Kamp and Gareth Kamp to serve as producers of the movie. 

Is There a Trailer For Scrooge: A Christmas Carol?

Yes, the trailer was launched on November 10; check it below.


Is There a Poster For Scrooge: A Christmas Carol?

Check out the posters below...




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