People Are Really Angry With Jon Snow After Last Night's Episode

People Are Really Angry With Jon Snow After Last Night's Episode

Spoiler Alert! GOT fans are hating on Jon Snow for a very interesting reason and we can't say that they are wrong.

Episode 4 of Game of Thrones began with the funeral for the fallen and celebration of victory against the Night King but of course, things didn’t stay happy for long. Now that the army of the dead is defeated the victors turn their eyes to King’s Landing and defeating Cersei. Jon remains loyal to Daenerys and decides to leave someone very important behind as he leaves Winterfell. Now the reasons Jon gives for leaving his direwolf, Ghost who is obviously in a weakened state, seem to be valid but it just seemed too much to bear that he would leave Ghost without so much as a goodbye, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

After the demise of the Night King, the Wildings prepare to go back North of the wall. Jon instructs Tormund to take Ghost back North with them stating that it was where the wolf truly belonged. What broke fans’ hearts was when Jon did not pet the wolf or show the animal any affection as he left him. This added to the sad and confused expression on the direwolf’s face which led fans to believe Jon to be cold and heartless.


Fans didn’t leave it there and took to Twitter to let Jon Snow have a piece of their mind:





Maybe these fans are right for hating on Jon Snow. But maybe it was just too difficult for him to say goodbye to his beloved companion or hopefully Jon expects to be reunited with his wolf as he hinted to Tormund that he was happiest North of the wall.

Will Jon be able to win back the love of his fan base after this faux pas? Well we will just have to wait and see.

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