Locke & Key Releases Tomorrow - What to Expect

Locke & Key Releases Tomorrow - What to Expect

Locke & Key, a property that has bounced around several networks has finally found a home on Netflix. Here's what we should expect from this mystery-horror.

With the sheer volume of content that Netflix offers users, the streaming platform tries to mix their source material, tapping into unique properties for its shows. Locke & Key is one of those unique situations where Netflix has found a story that needs to be told to more people. Locke & Key is based on a graphic novel of the same name, written by Joe Hill and illustrated by Gabrielle Rodriguez, which tells the tale of a family playing with supernatural forces that they can barely comprehend. While it won't be any Winchester-type shenanigans, the show will likely appeal to the same audiences that enjoy Sam and Dean's adventures.

A Tortured Development History

Locke And Key

Locke & Key is by no means a newcomer to the club of exciting properties that should be made into TV shows. It's seen its share of companies pick it up and relegate it to the back burner. The show was first pitched to Fox, who abandoned the pilot. It then moved to online streaming service Hulu before finally settling at Netflix. One of the most significant factors that affected the series' production is how certain difficult elements (most prominent being the translation of the "Head Key," more on this later) into a TV property when they were explicitly designed for a graphic novel panel-by-panel layout. Still, with the series boasting co-showrunners Merideth Averill (Haunting of Hill House) and Carlton Cuse (Lost), it might turn into a great series.

What We Know

Locke And Key

Readers of the graphic novel published by IDW Publications will be aware of the story. For those who haven't, the gist isn't so difficult to grasp. The series focuses on the Locke family: widowed mom Nina (Darby Stanchfield of Scandal), takes her three kids Tyler (Connor Jessup), Kinsey (Emilia Jones), and Bode (Jackson Robert Scott). Nina finds it hard to deal with the death of her husband, and her kids all have their own issues in coming to grips with the death of their father Rendell (Bill Heck) as they move back to the town of Matheson (called Lovecraft in the graphic novel series).

The house, known as Keyhouse, is well-known throughout Matheson as a haunted house. At the heart of Keyhouse is a collection of three keys:
·         The Ghost Key: Anyone opening a door with this key and passing through it, leaves their body behind and becomes an incorporeal ghost.
·         The Anywhere Key: Opening a door with this key turns it into a portal to any other spot on Earth.
·         The Head Key: This key allows the user to look inside their own mind.
However, the keys are just the tools that enable the mysterious and sometimes dangerous happenings within Keyhouse. Dodge (Laysla De Oliveira) is the first person Bode meets in Matheson, and she looks like she might be a friendly face in a new town. However, as we learn from all the other scary movies and TV shows we've seen, trusting strangers isn't in your best interest. When it comes to Dodge, this might be the best advice you can get.

Who Will This Series Appeal To?

Originally a Graphic Novel, Locke & Key moves to TV

Fans of mystery and horror TV will be immediately drawn to the series. Anyone who's enjoyed Haunting of Hill House or American Horror Story will get a kick out of this series. If you're into thrillers and mysteries, this might be just up your alley as well. And of course, the fans of the graphic novel will want to see what their beloved book was turned into. One thing to note, however, is that the Head Key is really different from what you'd expect. So be warned before you see it and start complaining.

When Does it Come Out?

Netflix has the scheduled release date for Locke & Key as the 7th of February, 2020.

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