Reports Suggest That Millenials Are Watching Too Much Of Television Rather Than Having Sex

Reports Suggest That Millenials Are Watching Too Much Of Television Rather Than Having Sex

Millenials, over the time have got a lot of nicknames. We are known as the generation that loves hookups, the unemployed, meme generators. But recent studies have shown that we are forgetting to have sex.

There is no denying that the Millenials are a lot of things. We are named the selfie generation, the tatted-up troops, the selfie crazed generation and a lot of other things for that matter. We have come to be known as a lot of things and most of them are not really positive. But now, it seems like all these statements have been outed as more than just stereotypical. They’re actually incorrect, with one particular assumption being proven wrong by scientific research. 


There is a widespread assumption that we spend most of our time swiping on Tinder so we can do anything that has a pulse. If there was any matter to the hookup generation tagline given to us, we are to believe that we spend all our time of every day arranging to meet up with different people for sex. Not that we are denying that as a generation, we are able to engage in casual sex in a far easier and more accessible way than others that came before us. We don't have to go through yellow pages and late-night trips to the phone box, or whatever it is that people used to do before there was any sort of online dating app. 


Now, we have apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Grindr to help us out and they have single-handedly helped us achieve the hookup culture on the forefront encouraging casual sexual encounters and one-night stands so that they’re the norm. And that’s absolutely fine, but it doesn’t mean everyone’s doing it. 


As a matter of fact, research from the journal Archives of Sexual Behaviour pointed out that millennials are having less sex than previous generations, much less as a matter of fact. The research found young adults between the age of 20 and 24 were more than twice as likely to report they’d had no sexual partners since the age of 18 than young adults of the same age born in the 1960s. Only 15% of Millenials reported they had not had sex since they turned 18 compared to six percent in the 60s. The research was conducted in the US and surveyed almost 27,000 people.


The co-author of the research, Ryne Sherman of Florida Atlantic University said that this research goes against popular notions that casual sexual encounters are becoming more and more frequent due to the sporadic presence of internet and dating apps. As reported by Guardian, Sherman said, "You would expect, based on the popular notion that with apps such as Tinder, it’s a group that is looking for hook-ups and not long-term relationships. [But] what we are seeing is this group is less likely to hook-up, so to speak than previous generations.


But why is this happening? Even though Tinder and other similar apps have transformed the dating game for an entire generation, but the numbers don't lie. And it doesn't matter how many people are engaging in casual sex using online dating apps, there are a lot of people who are not and other factors must be taken into account. There are Millenials who are staying home for a longer period of time and are therefore potentially pressing pause on their sex life while they do so. Other factors include easy access to pornography a rise in video games, and the internet, in general, all need to be considered when attempting to account for this lack of sex.


This is where Netflix comes in the equation. With more than 151 million subscribers in the second quarter of 2019 after the streaming giant expanded its service internationally, it gained even more popularity. In another separate study case by the Wall Street Journal, it was found that one out of four adults in a relationship say they’ve chosen streaming television over sex at least once in the past six months.

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