All Upcoming Movies And TV Shows Starring Mila Kunis

All Upcoming Movies And TV Shows Starring Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis will be quite busy in the upcoming year. Here are all of her upcoming projects.

Mila Kunis is one of Hollywood’s most well-known veterans with a career that dates back to when she was 14 starring as Jackie Burkart in the ‘That 70s Show.’ but before she got this role, her American dream started out with a family savings of only $250 in her possession. Then going on to star as Meg Griffin in the adult animated comedy series ‘Family Guy.’ Some may argue that these two roles are what got her big break, but that isn’t quite the case.
Kunis's first true big break, by which we mean worldwide publicity, actually came in 2008 when she played Rachel in the romantic comedy film Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Then two years later, she started in the psychological thriller film, Black Swan, which help her garner even more notoriety as well as clinch a couple of accolades such as the Golden Globe award and SAG award for Best Supporting Actress.
Ever since then, she would go on to star in a series of other films over the years such as the Wicked Witch of the West in the fantasy film Oz the Great and Powerful, The Book of Eli, Max Payne, Ted, Bad Moms and The Spy Who Dumped Me.
But this is in the end for Kunis's momentum as she is set to star in a variety of intriguing upcoming movie and television projects in the next year or so and we are thrilled to share some of those titles as well as what their premise is here in this article with some or most of her diehard fans who are reading this right now.
So buckle up, because you don't want to miss the following new or ongoing projects of Mila Kunis:

1.  Four Good Days

Release Date: January 25 (Sundance)

Mila Kunis’s Upcoming TV Shows and Movies

Description: Here’s Mila Kunis and Glenn Close in their shots for Rodrigo Garcia’s heartfelt upcoming drama Four Good Days.
Drug, alcoholic or any other kind of addiction or substance abuse can seriously mess a person's life forever or worse, end it prematurely. And this is exactly what Kunis's character Molly in Rodrigo Garcia's (Albert Nobbs, Last Days in the Desert) Four Good Days is going through.
Kunis stars opposite seven-time Oscar nominee Glenn Close to plays Molly's estranged mother Deb was trying to help her daughter recover from the latter's habitual substance abuse through four crucial days. Throughout the movie, both of them work out all of their past aggression against one another after being apart for so long and also possibly rebuild their broken relationship.
The premise already sounds emotional and inviting at the same time and those who can’t attend the Sundance event on January 25, 2020, will have to wait a bit longer for it to come to theaters.

2.  Breaking News in Yuba County

Release Date: TBA

2. Breaking News in Yuba County

Marriages are supposed to be about lifelong commitments between spouses, but there are moments of resentment, anger, bitterness, and two-timing like when a spouse cheats on their partner by making love to another that is not their lawfully bounded spouse. This is the premise of Kunis's other film ‘Breaking News in Yuba County’ directed and produced by Tate Taylor (The Help).
It's a black comedy-drama that centers around an average working office lady named Sue Bottoms, played by Allison Janney (American Beauty, I, Tonya) who one day catches her husband lying with another woman in bed which causes him to collapse via a heart attack. She buries the body, but then ultimately attempts to mooch off the growing scrutiny or perhaps celebrity status regarding her husband from curious cops and criminals who believe he is missing. The molehill turns into a mountain as Sue struggles to keep this a secret from her half-sister Nancy (Kunis) who is a local news reporter desperately looking for a scoop as well as local detective Ramirez (Regina Hall).
Other cast members include:
●     Awkwafina
●     Bridget Everett
●     Samira Wiley
●     Wanda Sykes
●     Keong Sim
●     Jimmi Simpson
And more.
There is no set release date for the film as of right now, but we’ll continue to update the page when there is one.

3.  Made in LA (TV Series)


Almost 4 years ago, Kunis's production company Orchard Farms Productions was said to be teaming up with Josh Schwartz along with Fake Empire (Gossip Girl), which is Stephanie Savage's production house to produce a fashion-focused comedy known as 'Made in LA'.
The show is set to focus on the founders of Juicy Couture Gela Nash-Taylor and Pamela Skaist-Levy and how they got started on their world-renowned apparel brand with only $200 at hand, especially the 2015 memoir called The Glitter Plan. The shows also set the air on Freedom (previously known as ABC Family). Sascha Rothchild who produced the GLOW series is writing the adaption for the show.

4.  Hunted (TV Series)

Release Date: TBA

Another series being co-produced by Kunis's production house Orchard Farm Productions is a drama series for Freedom called 'Hunted'. The show right now is still in production and is written and developed by Hugh Sterbakov (Hell and Back).
There's also no word on who the cast members are as of yet, though the premise revolves around an absconding young mother after her husband's demise. Ed Bernero known for Criminal Minds has been tasked to create and direct the pilot for the show. Bernero and Sterbakov are executive producing alongside Kunis and the rest of her Orchard Farm crew members Susan Curtis, Lisa Sterbakov – wife of Hugh –, and Cami Curtis.

5.  Family Guy (TV Series)


Description: The Instagram pic above shows Meg Griffin celebrating her voice actress, Kunis’ birthday.
Kunis has been an honorary cast and spiritual family member of Seth McFarlane's long-running adult animated series 'The Family Guy' playing the now eighteen-year-old daughter of the Griffin family, Meg Griffin, since the show's mainstream debut in 1999.
The show has been renewed for its eighteenth season with Kunis reprising the role as Meg along with other cast members, including the creator Seth McFarlane who placed the patriarch of the family, Peter Griffin, who also voices the family dog Brian, and baby Stewie, along with matriarch Lewis, voiced by Alex Borstein, and the middle child Chris, voiced by Seth Green. Fans of the series can look forward to more of the fictional family's over-the-top, haphazard and acidic adventures and interactions in the future.

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