'Manifest' Season 4: Everything We Know So Far

'Manifest' Season 4: Everything We Know So Far

After being cancelled on NBC, the show is back with more stories on Netflix, ready to devour their pie of viewership.

Originally canceled on NBC for having too few viewers, Manifest is now thriving on Netflix. Even though it was a last-ditch effort by Warner Brother Pictures, the move seems to be doing well enough for them to end the show with one final fourth season. 

The story follows a flight travelling from Jamaica to New York City where passengers from the Montego Air Flight 828 experience a brief period of severe turbulence. However, unlike harmless turbulences, they find out that they have been stranded for over five and a half years. After landing at  Stewart International Airport in Newburgh, New York, the plane's 191 passengers and crew learn from NSA deputy director Robert Vance about this predicament and also learn that they were presumed dead. The series continues to showcase how these passengers reintegrate back into their lives after being lost for so long. However, they continue to see certain visions and hear voices that they dub ‘Callings.’

What is the plot for Manifest season 4?

According to the synopsis, this is what is in store for this season: “Two years after the brutal murder of Grace turned their lives upside down, the Stone family is in shambles as a devastated Ben continues to mourn his wife and search for his kidnapped daughter, Eden.

Consumed by his grief, Ben has stepped down from his role as co-captain of the lifeboat, leaving Michaela to captain it alone, a near impossible feat with the passengers’ every move now being monitored by a government registry.

As the Death Date draws closer and the passengers grow desperate for a path to survival, a mysterious passenger arrives with a package for Cal that changes everything they know about Flight 828 and will prove to be the key to unlocking the secret of the Callings in this compelling, mind-bending, and deeply emotional journey.”

What is the cast of Manifest Season 4?

Of course some recurring cast members like Josh Dallas, J.R. Ramirez, and Melissa Roxburgh are confirmed to return. Joining them along are Parveen Kaur, Luna Blaise, and Holly Taylor, while Ty Doran and Daryl Edwards were bumped up to a series regulars. Additionally, Matt Long, Alexis Suarez and Ben Livingston will also be making their appearances.

The only person slated to not return is Jack Messina. Some new characters named Henry Kim, Kyle Boyd and Tela and June will also be sharing the screen for the first time. 

What is the release date for Manifest Season 4?

Considering the show is about to go out with a big bang, the episodes will be split into two installments, with the first part dropping on November 4, 2022, containing ten episodes. Netflix has not yet confirmed when the second part will drop. 

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