'Family Reunion' Season 3 (Part 5): Everything We Know So Far

'Family Reunion' Season 3 (Part 5): Everything We Know So Far

The seasons of this show are split into two parts releasing separately.

While this is actually the third season of Family Reunion many refer to the latest upcoming installment as the fifth season of the show. The show is considered to be one of the few surviving sitcoms on Netflix, especially following the cancellations of Country Comfort, The Crew, and Mr. Iglesias, according to What's On Netflix. While multi-cam sitcoms are a hit on television networks like ABC and CBS, they are less popular on streaming services like Netflix. However, Fuller House still remains one of the most popular sitcoms on Netflix.

Family Reunion follows the McKellen family who moved from Seattle to Georgia in the series premiere to be closer to extended family. There are now three generations of a family living together and things are getting difficult. The story follows the struggle of the newly moved-in family and the happiness of living in a joint family.


Is There A Family Reunion Season 3?

Netflix had renewed the show for a third season in October of last year after the fourth part had concluded the second season in August 2021. Netflix maintains that this will be the last and final season of Family Reunion. Considering how the previous seasons were split into two parts, it can be expected to happen this time too.

Creator and executive producer of the show, Meg DeLoatch is excited to have another season. “I am so excited that Family Reunion will be returning for a third season,” she said in a statement, Variety reported. I will always be grateful to Netflix for giving me the opportunity to finally tell my story and the platform to share the beautiful, loving, and joyous McKellan family with the world.”


What Is The Plot For Family Reunion Season 3?

Family Reunion always toes the line between serious issues and humor. It is one of the things that DeLoatch enjoys about the show, “One of the things I love most about Family Reunion is that even as a family sitcom, where we appeal to younger audiences, we strive to deliver an entertaining and thought-provoking show for adults as well,” DeLoatch said in a press note ahead of Part 4, according to Bustle. “We walk the line between gently introducing difficult subjects to children and going deep enough to satisfy more mature viewers.”

Considering the trend of the show, season 3 (or Part 5) can be expected to have these tones. While there isn’t much information regarding specific plot lines, the show will continue to use humor as a tool to talk about painful topics like the legacy of the N-word, a topic they tackled in the previous season. 


What Is The Cast Of Family Reunion Season 3?

Of course all the recurring characters including Cocoa (Tia Mowry-Hardrict), her husband Moz (Anthony Alabi) and their four kids: Jade (Talia Jackson), Shaka (Isaiah Russell-Bailey), Mazzi (Cameron J. Wright), and Ami (Jordyn James) will be back. Additionally, the extended family in Georgia which includes matriarch M’Dear (Loretta Devine) and her pastor husband (Richard Roundtree) will also come back for this season. 


What Is The Release Date For Family Reunion Season 3?

The cast and crew had announced that they would be back to filming the show at the end of February 2022 and would conclude the schedule by the end of May 2022, however, the filming wrapped just two weeks ago, which means that the release date may be delayed. While the season was expected to hit around this time, it can be expected to premiere around the end of this year or sometime next year.

Seasons 1 (Part 1 and2) and 2 (Part 3 and 4) are streaming on Netflix.

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