F is for Family Season 4: Netflix Release Date, Plot, Cast And More Details

F is for Family Season 4: Netflix Release Date, Plot, Cast And More Details

F is for Family is the brainchild of The Simpsons writer Michael Price and comedian Bill Burr, which focuses on the hair-brained antics of a 70s Irish-American family.

With social media these days, it’s easy to keep track of any popular TV show, including F is for Family. But our article might have a bit more juicy bits and details that we’re sure faithful followers of the show are especially going to love.

Third Season Recap (Spoilers Up Ahead!)

Not only did the third season debuted some new characters, but we also saw our dear old Frank getting it together again. One of these new characters includes Chet Stevenson who is played by one of the show’s original investors, Vince Vaughn.

When Was the Show Renewed for a 4th Season?

F is for Family was renewed for a 4th season on January 24th, 2019, which was confirmed by the showrunner on Twitter


Interestingly, the renewal comes two months after season 3 was released, which may have been due to the executives sorting the numbers out before making an official announcement.

One of the showrunners, Michael Price said this on a Twitter update:

“Thrilled to make it official that we’re coming back for Season 4 and that I get to keep working with the incredible Bill Burr and the rest of our wonderful writers, cast and crew.”

What’s the Season’s Current Production Status?

F is For Family

As of now, only the script has been completed and has gone into the early production phases. This means the team is working hard on the show’s animatics right now.

The most recent animatic update that we got was on May 3rd of 2019 where the team is shown making edits for episode 4’s animatic.


And here’s the team finishing up on their scriptwriting.


With the pace we’re seeing right now, we can expect the episodes to have their early drafts finished around early summer.

F is For Family Season 4 Release Date

The fourth season of F is for Family is expected to be available for streaming sometime in 2020. Well, what did you expect? Quality animation doesn’t come cheap you know? This may likely be the case as the first three seasons of the show were released in December, May, and November, respectively. Therefore, an early (or mid) 2020 release date would be logical. But hey, if we’re lucky, we may even get the fourth season by late 2019.

Where Will Season 4 Take Us?

F is For Family

There’s no official word on the synopsis for season 4 right now, but there are some interesting rumors that we’ve come to know about based on how season 3 folded.

One of the more interesting developments comes with Philip, who for the remainder of season 3 has been seen drawing demon-like images, which also doesn’t help that his relationship with Bill as well as his mother is in troubling waters.

Then there’s also the thing between Frank and Sue which took one crazy turn and how they plan to rectify their damaged bonds because of Chet. But perhaps the most anticipated development of season 4 is the arrival of a new Murphy family member and how it impacts the family’s dynamic.

When it comes to progressing in the show, Michael Price writes:

“The years go by slowly on our show, so we could do 8 or 9 seasons and only move forward 2 years in time.”

Then there’s Pogo who after experiencing an almost deadly heart attack by the end of the last season, is expected to have a much bigger role in the fourth season.

And because Sue won’t have much to do with Plastaware, Vivian may get a minor role from now on.

As for Chet, well, let’s just say, it’s very unlikely that we’re going to see him ever again given what happened in right at the near end of season 3. Also, Nguyen-Nguyen’s role will have diminished as she’s awaiting trial.

F is For Family Season 4 Cast

F is For Family

Most of the regulars from the previous seasons will reprise their roles, including:

Bill Burr as Frank Murphy
Joining Burr as Laura Dern
Justin Long as Kevin
Debi Derryberry as Maureen Murphy
Haley Reinhart as Bill
Sam Rockwell as Vic

Episode 9 will feature Rich Sommer (GLOW, Mad Men and A Crooked Somebody)



F is For Family Season 4 Episode Names

Season 4 will have 10 episodes like the previous two in which their titles so far are:

Father Confessor
Nothing Is Impossible
Bring Me A Tooth
The “B” Word
Just Breathe
Come to Papa
(Unknown at this point)
Murphy and Son
Land, Ho!

F is for Family AMA on Reddit

F is For Family

One of the show’s creators, Mike Price arranged an AMA on Netflix’s subreddit at the end of February to answer a couple of questions for the upcoming season.

Some of the biggest changes to expect in the new season include the arrival of a new Murphy baby:

“It’ll certainly cause some changes (the baby arrival) around the house — as it’s already doing, especially with Maureen worried about losing her “Princess” status. It might also depend on if the baby is a boy or a girl and that’s something we haven’t decided yet. The age factor is also something to think about. Frank will be 40 when the baby comes — that’s a bit on the old side. We’ll see all these things play out in Season 5 (assuming we get one!)”

Price also talked about Kevin’s evolution:

“I can’t give out any spoilers, but the development of Kevin’s music will play a major part in his story arc for Season 4. There will be some more new original songs that Kevin and his band sing as well as some parody type songs that we’ll write for other aspects of the show. Sometimes the music is part of the story as we’re forming it and sometimes it comes in much later. It all depends.”

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