'Disenchantment' Part 4: Everything We Know So Far

'Disenchantment' Part 4: Everything We Know So Far

With Elfo taken hostage and King Zøg staying in the asylum, will Bean step up to save her beloved friend and the rest of Dreamland?

'Disenchantment' part 3 was finally released on Netflix early this year, but we can no longer wait to find out what's going to happen next.

The series is created by Matt Groening, the same guy who created 'The Simpsons' and 'Futurama.'

Just when we thought that things would be better for the people of Dreamland, the Ogres attacked and left the characters in a huge mess by the end of part 3.

So what happens now? Here's everything we know about 'Disenchantment' part 4.


Is 'Disenchantment' Renewed For Part 4?

Renewal Status: Renewed

Yes! 'Disenchantment' part 4 is officially happening. Netflix renewed the animated series for parts 3 and 4 in October 2018, shortly after part 2 premiered on the platform. The streaming giant ordered a total of 20 new episodes for the new parts. The third part released 10 episodes on January 15, 2021. The upcoming fourth part is expected to drop the remaining 10 episodes. 

When Will 'Disenchantment' Part 4 Release?

We are still waiting for Netflix to give us an official release date. The first two parts had a 13-month gap between releases. The third part was supposed to release in 2020, but it didn't come out until January 15, 2021. Given the show's irregular release patterns, it's hard to predict when exactly part 4 would come out.

We will keep you posted with updates.


What Is The Plot Of 'Disenchantment' Part 4?

Warning: Part 3 spoilers ahead.

In the final episode of part 3, we saw Bean getting crowned as the new Queen. However, the celebration was cut short after the Ogres, led by Junior, attacked Dreamland. Elfo sacrificed himself for the safety of the Queen and the kingdom. The Ogres captured Elfo and carried him away, presumably to be killed.

Meanwhile, Bean and her mother, Queen Dagmar, reunited, and she took Bean to actual Hell after escaping in the third part. Bean would likely be bound to marry the real Devil while her demon Luci goes to Heaven after dying a horrible death. But with the Kingdom's current state and Elfo in danger, the marriage will likely not proceed.

King Zøg is admitted to the Twinkletown Insane Asylum. Now that he is no longer the king of Dreamland, it's likely that Bean will eventually return to take his place instead of marrying the Devil. 


Is There A 'Disenchantment' Part 4 Official Trailer?

There's no part 4 official trailer as of this writing yet, and we are likely to wait for a few months more. We will leave this space blank for now, but we promise to update this area once the part 4 trailer drops.

You can watch 'Disenchantment' on Netflix now.

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