Recent Reports Suggest That Charlie Cox May Return As Daredevil In MCU Movies

Recent Reports Suggest That Charlie Cox May Return As Daredevil In MCU Movies

Daredevil was one of the most beloved shows on Netflix and when the show was cancelled suddenly, all the fans were heartbroken. Now, recent reports are indicating that Charlie Cox might be coming back as Daredevil.

The creator of Marvel and contributor to DC Universe, Stan Lee, the auteur of the comics world has always been a predominant figure in the New York Comic Con in the past years, so it was only natural that he got the magnificent and stunning tribute in 2019. On Saturday, the tribute came from two different panels, which were Excelsior! and Remembering the Stan Lee panel on Saturday. 


One of the tributes was taped during the show and it will be aired later on. The show was hosted by Clark Gregg, but he was not the only Marvel star to appear at the convention. Daredevil star Charlie Cox was also present and later on, he would come back to the stage sporting a look that Netflix fans know all too well. It has been more than a year since the third season of 'Daredevil 3' has aired, but fans are still not giving up hope and think that Man Without Fear will be returning to the MCU. 


As fans know, Marvel is not allowed to do anything with the Defenders for a few years, but there is still a possibility that they can make the most out of the hero and that would really please the fans. In a report by We Got This Covered, it was mentioned that Marvel really wants Charlie Cox to play the role of Daredevil in all the upcoming Marvel movies. But nothing has been set in stone yet, but the report mentioned that the studio feels that there is too much potential in the character to let it go to waste. 

Additionally, there also have been talks about the entire show about the Defenders being relaunched on either Hulu or FX. The show is rumored to get back all the original cast, both in TV and movies. Another report by the same website also stated that Marvel is considering Matt Murdock to become Peter Parker's lawyer in Spiderman 3 after he was framed to be the guilty one by Mysterio. But, readers need to keep in mind that all these reports are not officially announced and even though there is a strong chance of this happening, we should wait until anything is officially announced.  

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