Carole & Tuesday Season 2: Netflix Release Date And Renewal Status

Carole & Tuesday Season 2: Netflix Release Date And Renewal Status

The first season is most likely to be split into two parts, with each part comprising 12 episodes. As of now, Anime lovers can wait with bated breath for Netflix to air their favorite show!

Every time we hear about a new anime making its way to our screen, we tend to dig for more information about it because animes are fast becoming an all-time favorite. Just like that, after 'Carole & Tuesday' aired in Japan for the first half, we finally got the confirmation of its arrival for us on Netflix. The upcoming Netflix Original anime series is helmed by Shinichiro Watanabe, and its release was meant to coincide with studio Bones 20th anniversary and the 10th anniversary of the record label Flying Dog. The first part of the first season of 'Carole & Tuesday' premiered in April 2019, after which fans are already eager to know where there will be a second season of this anime series, and how soon will they get a chance to see it. We tried finding all the information we could, and here is everything we know about the second season. But before we get started, let's understand that Carole & Tuesday is a two-cour anime with 24 episodes. The first season is most likely to be split into two parts, with each part having 12 episodes. Most probably they will come out as two separate seasons, because of which some fans might mistake Carole & Tuesday season 1 part 2 for season 2. So, now the main question is whether or not there will be a true season of the second installment for this anime. So, let's start digging!


Will There Be Season 2 Of 'Carole & Tuesday'?


The possibilities for the second season to air are bleak. It is so because this anime is not based on any light-novel or manga, which basically means that this anime has no original source. This clearly means that there is no source material for another television adaptation to date. If the studio Bones want to produce another TV season, it will take years to produce it as there are other projects the studio is tangled with. Therefore, if we consider this factor then we might not see season 2 of 'Carole & Tuesday'. 

Are There Any Possibilities For The Making Of Season 2 Of 'Carole & Tuesday'?


No matter the chances are very tiny, there are some factors that do not let us shut the possibilities completely of getting a season 2. The first factor we can take into account is the fact that 'Carole & Tuesday' season 1 received a positive response from the viewers, and was praised for the qualities and storyline. On MyAnimeList, the musical anime scored 8.31/10 based on over 10,000 votes, which means that the anime series has indeed performed very well, that could act like a big reason for the studio to give it a renewal. Another factor we need to consider is the fact that this season is all about music and jazz, which is supremely loved in Japan and is popular. The fact that any anime that has sports or music in their storyline, the chances are really high for it to gain success in Japan. Even though these are all speculations and guessing, we cannot confirm anything until there is any official announcement about the second season. Till then, all we can do is wait for any such announcement. 

What Is The Storyline Of 'Carole & Tuesday'?


The story is about too distant future, where humanity has taken over Mars. The story is set 50 years from when the first colony settled humanity and has entered into a new age of culture which is produced by A.I. It revolves around two young women who want to and dream of becoming musicians. During that age and time, these two young talented women start a movement of music which they never believed was possible. They brought a change that became a milestone in their life. 

What Is The Release Date Of  'Carole & Tuesday' On Netflix?


The release date is confirmed to be scheduled on Friday, August 30. 

When Will Part 2 Of 'Carole & Tuesday' Release?


Knowing the fact that the first part of the anime series has 12 episodes, we can only get a better idea of when to expect the second half of the show to release is when the first half ends. The 12th episode of the series aired on Japanese networks on June 27, which is almost two months to the day when the series is set to arrive on Netflix. The finale of the anime series is set to air on September 26, therefore, if the release of anime series follows the same pattern, then we can hope to see the second part on Netflix by the end of November 2019. 

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