Birds Of Prey Box Office Performed Much Worse Than Expected

Birds Of Prey Box Office Performed Much Worse Than Expected

Birds Of Prey is out but it's not doing very well aty the Box Office!

It's the weekend of Birds Of Prey, but despite all the hype, the film is still shaping up to be a big flop. The way things are looking right now Birds Of Prey will gross only $33.5 million in its opening weekend. 

Many websites were expecting the film to gross at least $55 million. Then, the Atomic Ticketing app even overexaggerated their sales saying that Birds Of Prey was selling more than the first Suicide Squad movie and Wonder-Woman which both grossed over $100 million in their opening weekends. But that was a lie.

Birds Of Prey

Warner Bros. was even hoping that the film would gross $45 million in hopes of making profits. But as things are right now, the film may actually make a loss. Firstly, Thursday night the film grossed a terrible $4 million and the Friday box office is now estimated to be only $8.6 million.

Warner Bros. is going to take quite a hit with this failure as Birds Of Prey was supposed to be the next big DC franchise. What makes this even worse is all the positive reviews that the film got was still not enough to get the fans to come out to see it.

It's hard to think about where Warner Bros. went wrong but some believe that it was all in the marketing. The film was marketed in an anti-misogynist feminist SJW movie. The film was in no way appealing to a male audience and made all males look like bad guys. This approach clearly doesn't work in Hollywood with Ghostbusters, The Last Jedi, Captain Marvel, Terminator: Dark Fate doing the same and getting either bad reviews or bombing at the box office.

The idea for the film was great and had all the potential to be a really great franchise but no one went out to see it. And it's hardly likely that earnings will get better with family-friendly competition Sonic: The Hedgehog coming soon. Have you seen Birds Of Prey? Did you like it?

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