'A Classic Horror Story': Twisted Ending Explained

'A Classic Horror Story': Twisted Ending Explained

It's more than just a classic horror story.

'A Classic Horror Story' proves to be more than just a regular horror flick by giving us some unexpected fourth-wall-breaking twist. The self-aware ending caught us all off guard and made us start questioning our participation in the gruesome film.

'A Classic Horror Story' is a Netflix horror film that amusingly and creatively throws a shade at classic cult and gore films. Let's go through the film's ending once more and analyze some key details you might've missed. 

'A Classic Horror Story'

A Classic Horrifying Beginning 

'A Classic Horror Story' begins with a girl chained on a wooden table, about to get struck by a sledgehammer by a faceless villain. The next scene takes us to a different location. Elisa is at the diner waiting for her carpool. She's talking with her mother on the phone, and we found out that she is planning to get an abortion. The abortion seems to be more of her mother's idea than hers. Elisa's ride arrives, and she gets on board. She was sharing the ride with a few passengers: a doctor named Ricardo and a young couple (Sofia and Mark). The doctor seems to be a little upset about something. Their driver is a cheerful man named Fabrizio, who informs them that he is making travel videos. He insisted on interviewing his passengers before heading off.

While driving through the dark, a goat suddenly appeared in the middle of the road, causing the van to crash. The passengers woke up in the morning and found themselves parked in a forest clearing, far away from the highway.

'A Classic Horror Story'

House Of Horror

The group saw a strange house with old photos of people dressed in goat masks. Fabrizio told the group about the legend of Osso, Mastrosso, and Carcagnosso, which turned the residents of a village into a mindless "flock." They heard a shriek through the house's attic and found a young girl named Chiara, whose tongue was seemingly ritualistically cut out. Soon, the brutal killings begin, and Mark was the first to fall prey. 

A Classic Horror Story

After Mark was brutally tortured and murdered by the masked people, Chiara and the rest of the group attempt to flee, they ran into another clearing filled with abandoned cars, presumably belonging to previous victims. Unfortunately, no matter how far they go, they still find themselves back at the house.

Soon enough, the murders began again, and Sofia and Riccardo became the next unlucky victims. In the middle of the killing spree, Elisa realizes that Fabrizio has something to do with everything. He was the one who drugged them, which eventually led to their capture. Worse, she finds out that his hearing aid was a radio, which he uses to communicate with the killers. 

'A Classic Horror Story'- Ending

A Fitting Ending

Elisa is now the only survivor from Fabrizio's passenger. Fabrizio is disappointed that Elisa figures out his plan. Elisa finds herself in the middle of a creepy meal together with the murderers. A mysterious woman who is a member of a local mafia is also present. Fabrizio then explains to Elisa that he is making a film, a snuff film to be precise since gore and violence are among the most popular movie genre. She also finds out that Chiara, the girl they saw at the beginning of the film, was an accomplice.

Knowing the fate that awaits her, Elisa did her best to escape. She shoots Fabrizio and Chiara. In a sick twist, Elisa films herself wearing the mask and murdering Fabrizio. She puts the shotgun's muzzle into the deranged director's mouth and said, "Don't worry, it's just a movie," before finally pulling the trigger.  "There you have your ending," Elisa said, staring straight into the camera.

After murdering Fabrizio and Chiara, Elisa finds her way out of the woods and into a crowded beach. She is bleeding profusely. People gawked at her, while others took out their phones. She looks at her phone and reads her mother's message about the abortion. She drops her phone and walks to the water. After all that she has been through, Elisa is now finally ready to make decisions for herself. Unfortunately, we will never know if her baby survived after all the gruesome incidents. The film then shifts perspectives, and we see a man sitting in the dark, watching the film that we just watched through a website called Bloodflix.  


What Is Bloodflix?

Bloodflix's logo uncannily resembles that of Netflix, the same platform where we watched the horror film. Bloodflix is a fictional streaming platform, and 'A Classic Horror Story' is listed on it, meaning the entire snuff film still got released following Fabrizio's death. Indeed, Fabrizio was right. Violence, blood, and gore are among the most in-demand film genre, and this is proven by the man watching the film on Bloodflix. The man was a normal person and a father. We can hear his daughter calling for him for dinner in the background. This self-aware ending is the kind of twist we didn't see coming. It reflects our obsession for gruesome violence, just like the man watching the film on Bloodflix.

Before the film ends, 'A Classic Horror Story' threw one last shade on our way. The guy gave the film a "thumbs down", which kinda says that even real-life torture and murder will not be enough to feed our fixation for gore.

Osso, Mastrosso, and Carcagnosso

Osso, Mastrosso, and Carcagnosso and Fabrizio: Why Is Fabrizio Doing These Gruesome Murders and How It Ties To The Legend? 

We've laid out the entire plot of the film. Now, it's time to answer some questions. What motivated Fabrizio to do all these gruesome crimes? It's simple, Fabrizio is producing snuff films for the mafia.

Elisa scoffs at Fabrizio for turning modern-day mafia crimes into old lore to make his snuff films more interesting. She said that people would not fall for his sick trick, but that is what exactly happened to us while watching the movie. We thought that 'A Classic Horror Story' is nothing but a classic cult flick until we knew the truth.

It is safe to say that Fabrizio is one crazed, frustrated director. He wants to merge the tale of Osso, Mastrosso, and Carcagnosso with his version of a sick, ritualistic murder film.

A Classic Horror Story

The legend of Osso, Mastrosso, and Carcagnosso, as Fabrizio said, follows the tale of 3 supernatural creatures. They saved a village from famine. However, they asked the villagers for a hefty price in return. The villagers started brutal sacrifices, which involve cutting out of tongues, ears, and eyes as a form of payment. These sacrifices resulted in a curse that turned the villagers into mindless people.

Fabrizio told Elisa that he is a genius at merging ancient lore with the present-day crimes of the mafia. Fabrizio's film featuring brutally ritualistic murders is being produced for paying clients of the mafia, while the murderous villagers served as actors.

A Classic Horror Story

The unknown mafia boss explained to Elisa that the mafia needs to survive in this day and age. Later, we hear Chiara and Fabrizio discussing how the client wants Elisa to be conscious while being killed. Unfortunately for them, Elisa got to them first and killed them both.

We will never know the extent of the mafia's connection. However, seeing the police courteously pick up the Mafia boss while ignoring the bloody Elisa tells us that this snuff film operation has a wide reach.

Interestingly, the legend of Osso, Mastrosso, and Carcagnosso exists in real life. According to a report, Osso, Mastrosso, and Carcagnosso were three Spanish knights who founded the three Honoured Societies: mafia, Camorra (Italian mafia from Campania), and 'ndrangheta (a prominent Italian Mafia-type organized crime syndicate from the region of Calabria).

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