'365 DNI' 2: Everything We Know So Far

'365 DNI' 2: Everything We Know So Far

The raunchy polish film arrived on Netflix early this month amassing huge success. Can we expect to see more of Massimo and Laura's love story?

The Polish film 365 DNI became a major hit when it first released in the UK cinemas in February this year.

When the erotic film finally landed on Netflix on the 7th of this month, the film's steamy reputation became even hotter as it became one of the streaming platform's best performing films of the year.

With the first film leaving fans in a cliffhanger regarding Laura's fate, can we presume a sequel will be made to give us the answer?

Here's what we know so far. 

Is 365 DNI 2 Happening?

365 DNI

Although there's no official announcement about 365 DNI's sequel yet, there is a great chance that it will happen. The film is based on the first trilogy of an erotic novel written by  Blanka Lipińska. This means that there's already existing material available should the producers decide to create a follow-up flick for the raunchy film.

Given the tremendous success received by the first film, it's only wise for the team to come up with a sequel. 365 DNI has already gathered massive fanbase worldwide who mostly claim it's even better and hotter than the Fifty Shades Trilogy. Of course, opinions vary, but it wouldn't be surprising if 365 DNI follows the Fifty Shades path by producing three films too.

What Is The Possible Plot Of 365 DNI 2? Is Laura Coming Back? (Spoilers Ahead)

365 DNI

365 DNI follows the story of a young and dashing Sicilian Mafia leader Don Massimo who kidnaps Laura, a sales director. The domineering Massimo gives her 365 days to fall in love with him.

By the end of the film, Laura, who is now in love with her kidnapper, went shopping for a wedding dress with her friend Olga.

 Several hitmen followed the two women on their way home. Don Massimo was unable to warn Laura about the danger after she loses phone signal while driving into the tunnel.

The ending surely doesn't look great, but don't worry because in the second book in  Lipińska's trilogy titled Ten dzień (which means This Day in English), Laura is very much alive!

Laura (Anna-Maria Sieklucka ) and Don Massimo's (Michele Morrone) unlikely love story is meant to go on should the movie makers decide to adapt the rest of Lipińska's trilogy.

Of course, fans can expect more explicit love scenes from the two. 

When Can We Expect To See 365 DNI 2 On Netflix?

365 DNI

With no confirmation yet and the Coronavirus pandemic still wreaking havoc, it's going to be a long wait for sure. Also, it's important to note that 365 DNI is not a Netflix original but a Polish film, so the decision does not lie on Netflix's hands.

For now, you can enjoy rewatching the first film on Netflix. 

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