Here Is A List Of Nine Amazing Movies That You Probably Have Never Seen

Here Is A List Of Nine Amazing Movies That You Probably Have Never Seen

There are a huge number of movies coming out, and it is normal to miss out a number of movies and we have prepared a list of amazing movies that you might not have watched before.

With the huge number of movies that come out every year, it might make you feel like a kid in a candy shop. But, before you can watch a movie, some new ones come out. You might have missed out these movies because you might have missed the premiere, or didn’t have time to watch these exciting and interesting movies. We have prepared a list of nine movies that you might not have seen before. 

1. Steve Jobs


This movie tells the story of a brilliant mind in the world and his name is a household one. He was an extremely successful businessman, an effective leader, and an excellent entrepreneur. He invested almost his entire life to his job and did his best in everything and this movie tells all about the difficulties he has faced before his company became a world leader. 

2. The Hateful Eight


This movie tells the story of John Ruth, who is a famous bounty hunter in the United States after the Civil War who is taking a caught criminal to Red Rock where she is going to be executed. On their way, a number of people join, but things don't go their way and a snowstorm ruins their plans. They find shelter in a tavern which is already filled with a number of strange people that consists of a Mexican, a cowboy, and a Confederate general. 

3. The Big Short


This movie is based on real-life events and tells the story of some far-sighted guys, who, independently from each other predicted the global economic crisis that happened in 2008 and since they predicted it, all of them start making money unwittingly. 

4. Joy


This movie, tells the story of Joy, who was born in a common American family and she is from Italian origin. As a child, she made up her mind that she will be happy and successful, but life had different plans for her when she grew up. She got divorced, became a single mother, and has a low-wage job. But she knows she is the one who can create her own happiness and she should climb to success on her own. 

5. Solace


This movie tells the story of the FBI facing a series of murders that they cannot explain. The murderer kills their victim painlessly and leaves no trace. Detectives seek the help of psychic John Clancy, who gets in a fight with the killer and finds a way to trap the man who’s always 10 steps ahead.

6. The Finest Hours


This movie is based on the real events that took place in 1952 where two oil tankers get into a massive storm and slowly begin to descend. It looks like the disaster seems inevitable since the sailors have no chance to use the lifeboats in such waves. The coast guard is sent to reach to the epicenter of the storm to rescue and the rescuers decide to carry out this rescue mission on small motorboats.

7. How to Be Single


This movie tells the story of a woman named Alice, who breaks up with her boyfriend and moves in with her elder sister. Slowly, she builds her new life finds a new job and a new friend, Robin, who turns out to be a passionate fan of rocking at night and tries to bring timid Alice into her insane life. 

8. Trumbo


Known as one of Hollywood's most successful screenwriters, he had no idea that the blacklist ’Hollywood 10′ was actually a real thing and was thrown out of the dream factory’s life forever. But, a few years later, Dalton made up his mind to go back to movies and said that nothing and no one can ever stop a talented person. 

9. Mr. Holmes


Without a doubt, he is the world's greatest detective and he is spending his retired life in a quaint and quiet village who is taking care of his own apiary. But, he is still haunted by the memories of a woman and the unsolved mystery. So the detective gets back to solve the case that made him resign from his position 30 years ago. 

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