You May Have Missed This Hilarious Editing Mistake In 'Squid Game' Season 1

You May Have Missed This Hilarious Editing Mistake In 'Squid Game' Season 1

Fans will pick the series apart as they wait for news of the second season and they are already at it with this amazing discovery.

The Korean drama, Squid Game has left quite an impression on the world. The first season ended in a cliffhanger and instilled hope that we may be seeing the series renewed for a second season. 

The dystopian series follows Seong Gi-hun (Lee Jung-jae) who is a gambler trying to make ends meet. In a random encounter, he is invited to play children's games by a secret organization with the promise of being able to earn millions' worth of money. Just like him, there are many others who have been recruited by the organization to compete with each other for the grand prize. But they do not realize they have signed up for a high stake game until it's too late.

Squid Game

It will be no surprise that this thrilling series will generate a cult following. Fans will pick the series apart as they wait for news of the second season and there is a lot to deconstruct, to begin with. The subject matter of the series is a harsh commentary on the nature of society and a critique of human character. While the discourse on the deeper meaning of the show is ongoing, many people have started to pick out other non-plot-related inconsistencies that no doubt most of us missed while watching the series.

It is not at all surprising that we failed to notice some hilarious editing errors while watching the series. Warning, there are spoilers ahead.

The Typo That Accidentally Introduced A Vampire Character

Each episode is more intense than the next and while you're squirming in your seat, rooting for the players to somehow beat the system, it's easy to miss the tiny details. But not this Reddit user. Despite the high tension situation in the seventh episode of the show where the 16 remaining contestants have to cross a treacherous glass bridge, user u/dkwtn managed to pick up a silly error of Player 17 who worked as a glassmaker. The user's hawk-eyed observation found that this man's file said he worked in glass manufacture from 1897 to 2020. That would essentially mean he has been alive for 123 years. And the user aptly said, "Vampire participant in the mix?"

Squid Game

Logically, it should have been 1987 which would mean he worked for 33 years and that would make sense too. The user also hilariously added, "One of the red hood probably got executed for the typo. Lol." 

Source: Reddit

Another person has also noted that the show had an ongoing error of misnumbering the side characters. Koreboo reported that an anonymous netizen cataloged all the participants whose player numbers kept changing throughout the show. Props for the netizen's observation skills as the rest of us were trying to stomach the gore that was taking place on the screen.

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