Wu Assassins Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Wu Assassins Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

The Netflix supernatural action series ended the first season with a declaration that the world needs more Wu Assassins. Can we really expect more to come?

Wu Assassins is one of those Netflix shows that felt like a hidden treasure for those who discovered it.

The streaming platform released the show silently on August 8, 2019. Although there is not much done to market the Wu Assassins like other giant Netflix shows, those who discovered it fell in love with it. 

Wu Assassins came with an oddly irresistible mixture of Kung Fu, Asian Street Food, and Science Fiction with Iko Uwais starring as a Chinese-Indonesian chef who turns out to be the last of the Wu Assassins. The series ran a total of ten episodes with six directors conducting different episodes.

Now, almost a year after the first season aired, fans only have one question: Is season two happening?

Let's dig deeper to find out. 

Has Wu Assassins Been Confirmed For Season 2? 

Wu Assassins

Unfortunately, as of this writing, there is still no confirmation for the renewal of Wu Assassins season 2. On October 16 last year, Netflix finally decided to answer one of the countless fans asking about the future of the show.

On a Twitter post, Netflix answered that they still have no information about whether Wu Assassins 2 is ever happening. 


The streaming platform just redirected fans to its social media accounts for upcoming updates.

What's On Netflix has reported that they have gotten an inside scoop that the show has been renewed. The blog had stated that the information came from the same source who made them aware of the renewal of Ozark before Netflix officially announced it.

Of course, fans responded on the campaigns and asked for season 2 too.

However, the fervor may have jaded over time.


What Is Likely To Happen In Wu Assassins Season 2?

Wu Assassins

If season 2 will ever be confirmed, we're more likely to see more action scenes now that season 1 has finished introducing the world and backstory of Wu Assassins.

Speaking to Inverse,  Lewis Tan revealed, "We have the backstory set in stone. We don't have to go there again."

The actress who plays Lu Xin in the show added that they can now run wild with the action, and they don't need to sell the backstory as hard as they did in the first season.

By the end of the first season, we see Ying Ying telling Kai that the world still needs a Wu Assassin, a statement that resonates deeply with the fans of the show.

Who Is Most Likely To Join The Cast Of Wu Assassins Season 2? 

Wu Assassins

We are most likely to see Iko Uwais continue his saga as the Wu Assassin Kai Jin. Celia Au, who plays Ying Ying, Kai's mentor in becoming a Wu Assassin, is also likely to come back. Other characters to look out for are Lewis Tan as Lu Xin Lee (Kai's friend and owner of Lee's Wheels), and Li Jun Li as Jenny Wah (Kai's friend and Master Wah's restaurant owner).

These are all very early information so far. We will keep you posted on updates as soon as we hear new details. 

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