What's New On Netflix Today (Updated Daily)

Netflix adds 13 new titles to its platform today and we've got the full list for you right here.

Sex Education Season 4

Netflix usually adds new films and TV Shows to its library every day and we at Trinikid are dedicated to making sure you always know what they are and if it's worth logging into Netflix for a proper binge session. Every single day we will update this article with all the new releases on Netflix so be sure to bookmark this page to always be abreast with what's new on Netflix. Let's get right into it.


Kountry Wayne: A Woman’s Prayer (2023) Netflix Original – Comedian Kountry Wayne delivers a rousing stand-up set about life as a dad of 10, how to know if a woman likes you and why he keeps it real with Jesus.

National Champions (2021) 

Skylines (2020)  – When a mysterious alien virus begins to endanger humanity, an elite team of soldiers launches into space to end the threat for good.

Suspect X (2023) Netflix Original – When a single mother is caught in a crime investigation, her neighbor — a gifted math teacher — offers to help and a relentless cop digs into the case.

The Foreigner (2017)  – After his daughter is killed by terrorists, a sullen restaurateur seeks the identities of those responsible, taking vengeance into his own hands.

The Saint of Second Chances (2023) Netflix Original  – A baseball dynasty built on fun — and a disco disaster that nearly undid it all. Explore the comeback of a lifetime in this documentary about Mike Veeck.

TV Series

Hard Broken (Season 1) Netflix Original  – A tragic murder sends a friend group into a frenzy, revealing hidden romances and betrayals lurking beneath the surface of their seemingly perfect lives.

KENGAN ASHURA (Season 2) Netflix Original – Ohma Tokita enters a hidden world where corporate disputes are settled in brutal gladiator bouts. Forget the money, he just wants to fight — and win.

Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal (Season 2 ) Netflix Original– Shocking tragedies shatter a tight-knit South Carolina community and expose the horrifying secrets of its most powerful family.

My Little Pony: Make Your Mark (Chapter 5) Netflix Original – Welcome back to Equestria, where pony magic is everywhere. With friends Zipp, Sunny, Izzy, Pipp and Hitch leading the way, adventure is sure to follow!

New Amsterdam (Season 5)  – One of America’s oldest hospitals welcomes a new maverick director in Dr. Max Goodwin, who steps up to change the status quo and save patients’ lives.

Scissor Seven (Season 4) Netflix Original – Seeking to recover his memory, a scissor-wielding, hairdressing, bungling quasi-assassin stumbles into a struggle for power among feuding factions.

Sex Education (Season 4) Netflix Original  – Insecure Otis has all the answers when it comes to sex advice, thanks to his therapist mother. So rebel Maeve proposes a school sex-therapy clinic.