'WandaVision' Episode 8 Might Be The Show's Longest Episode Yet

'WandaVision' Episode 8 Might Be The Show's Longest Episode Yet

Episode 8 will reportedly run for 47 minutes.

'WandaVision' is about to come to its conclusion with only two episodes left, and fans have been eagerly anticipating every small detail and any potential leak there is to know.

Recently, we came across a Reddit post claiming that "WandaVision Episode 8 will be 47 minutes long".

The Reddit user goes by the name u/Plenty_Echidna_544 and has also predicted the run time of the previous episode accurately. Hence, the new prediction might bear some weight.

If the user's claim is accurate, then episode 8 will be the longest episode of the series yet. 


However, episode 8 will probably run for around 40 minutes only if we deduct the over-sized credit sequence.

Nevertheless, it will still be the longest 'WandaVision episode', beating episode five, "On A Very Special Episode..." which ran for 41 minutes with credits included.

Things are getting more and more intense as the season finale draws near.

Monica Rambeau finally made her superhero appearance after going through the Hex wall for the third time. Meanwhile, Wanda is slowly losing control of the world she's created.

The biggest revelation was the identity of Kathryn Hahn's meddlesome neighbor Agnes, who turns out to be the sorceress Agatha Harkness. Despite the show insinuating that she is the series' biggest antagonist, some people remain skeptical about her exact role. There are speculations that an even bigger villain is yet to be revealed. 


Agatha has always been more like a friend than a foe to Wanda, so we are still having a hard time getting over episode seven's reveal.

For all we know, Mephisto or Nightmare could still be lurking in the corner, waiting for the perfect time to wreak havoc. It will make sense if he will be revealed as the true nemesis of the series.

A longer runtime might also be a hint of an impending confrontation.

We all have so many questions and speculations, but the good news is we have few more hours left to get our answers. 


Episode 8 is coming out tomorrow, 26 February 2021. The ninth and final episode of the series will air on 5 March 2021 on Disney+.

The cast of the Disney+ series has been teasing that the show will come to an epic ending.

"Episode by episode, week by week, Vision begins to really realize something is not right about this," Bettany told Collider in January 2021.

"Something is not right about this town. And then the MCU that we all collide [sic] in the most epic of endings."

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