'Van Helsing' Season 6: Everything We Know So Far

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Van Helsing Season 6

'Van Helsing' is a fantasy drama series created by Neil LaBute and directed by David Winning. The series is based on the graphic novel series 'Helsing' by Zenescope Entertainment. 'Van Helsing' season 5 concluded in June 2021. The series follows the story of Vanessa Helsing, a distant relative of the renowned vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing. She got resurrected in a post-apocalyptic world run by vampires. All five seasons of 'Van Helsing' received positive reviews from critics, and fans are still wondering if there will be more in the future. Is this the end of the 'Van Helsing' series? Continue reading to find out.

When Will' Van Helsing' Season 6 Release?

Unfortunately, folks, 'Van Helsing' will no longer return for a sixth season. In December 2019, Syfy announced that the fifth season would be the last run for the series. Season 5 premiered on Syfy on April 16, 2021. It ran for 13 episodes and concluded on June 25, 2021. It is always sad to say goodbye to our favorite shows, but at least 'Van Helsing' had the chance to finish its story properly. Others have been canceled prematurely and left us with cliffhangers that will never get answered. If you want to return to the post-apocalyptic world, you can always rewatch the entire five seasons on Netflix.

Van Helsing

What Is The Plot Of 'Van Helsing' Season 6?

In the five seasons of 'Van Helsing,' we witness Vanessa hunting down vampires, especially the Elders, to save humanity. At the end of season 5, Vanessa defeats Dracula in one last epic battle. She manages to bring back the daylight and transform all vampires into humans again by sealing the Dark One in her body. The series ended with Vanessa returning to a death-like coma, with the Dark One trapped inside her. Like a true messiah, she had made the ultimate sacrifice to save humanity.

The saga of Vanessa Van Helsing has ended in season 5.

However, if season 6 will happen in the future (although it is unlikely), we expect the story to pick up from the episode finale of the fifth season. It will be interesting to see what new challenges Jack and Violet will face protecting the human race.

Who Is Cast In 'Van Helsing'?

Here are the key cast members from 'Van Helsing.'

Kelly Overton stars as Vanessa Van Helsing, the titular vampire slayer and humanity's last hope.

Joining her are Jonathan Scarfe as Axel Miller, Christopher Heyerdahl as Samuel "Sam," David Cubitt as John, Vincent Gale as Phil "Flesh" Fleischman, Rukiya Bernard as Sarah "Doc" Carol, Trezzo Mahoro as Mohamad, and Tim Guinee as Ted.

Laura Mennell stars as Rebecca, Paul Johansson as Dmitri, Aleks Paunovic as Julius, Hilary Jardine as Susan Jackson, Missy Peregrym as Scarlett Van Helsing, Caroline Cave as Jolen, Jesse Stanley as Bathory / The Oracle, John Cassini as Maddox, and Neal McDonough as Willem / Hansen, aka "The Boss," among others.

In seasons 4- 5, Keeya King joins as Violet Van Helsing, Hansen's adopted daughter, as well as Nicole Muñoz as Jacqueline "Jack" Van Helsing. The two played key roles towards the season finale.

The rest of the main cast includes Tricia Helfer as Countess Olivia / Dracula, Heather Doerksen as Michaela, Kim Coates as Count Dalibor, and Dan Cade as Roberto. 

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