True Beauty Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

This is a live-update article and it will be updated as new details about True Beauty Season 2 come our way. This is what we know so far.

True Beauty Season 2

In the world of K-drama enthusiasts, "True Beauty" stands out as a series with a devoted fan base, yet it has only one season to its credit. The show, based on a popular webtoon by Yaongyi, gracefully merges romance, comedy, and the trials of adolescence. It centers around Lim Jugyeong, a high school girl who turns to makeup to conquer her insecurities about her looks. Its unique blend of humor and emotional depth, along with visuals inspired by its webtoon roots, makes it a gem in the K-drama universe.

Will True Beauty Return With Season 2?

"True Beauty" concluded its first season in 2020, leaving fans craving for more. The story, which ended the love triangle narrative between Lim Ju-kyung, Lee Su-ho, and Han Seo-jun in the first season, left viewers eagerly awaiting a second season. Although there's no official announcement, the buzz among fans and a slew of rumors suggest a strong desire for a continuation.

What Can We Expect In True Beauty Season 2?

Regarding the potential cast for a second season, if it were to happen, we'd likely see the return of the main characters from the first season. The chemistry and complex dynamics among Lim Jugyeong, Lee Suho, and Han Seojun offer a rich foundation for further storytelling. These characters, with their intertwined romantic tensions and individual stories, present an ideal springboard for a new season.

As for the storyline of "True Beauty" Season 2, it is expected to follow the webtoon closely. The webtoon, which began in 2018, has continued well past the TV show's end in February 2021, providing a wealth of material for adaptation. The webtoon goes deeper into the lives and relationships of the main characters, exploring themes of love, friendship, and personal growth. With the first season only scratching the surface of Lim, Lee, and Han's coming-of-age journey, the second season could potentially offer a more in-depth look into this relatable K-drama.

While the future of "True Beauty" Season 2 remains uncertain, the anticipation and speculation among fans are palpable. The series has set a high bar in the K-drama genre, and its continuation would surely be a treat for its dedicated fan base. Whether or not "True Beauty" Season 2 will grace our screens remains to be seen, but the hope and excitement among its followers are undeniable.