This 1990s Sci-fi film That Flopped Hard Is Now Going Viral On Netflixs

This 1990s Sci-fi film That Flopped Hard Is Now Going Viral On Netflix

John Dahl's 1996 disaster found new life on the streaming giant, Netflix

Unforgettable (1996)

Looking for a good sci-fi film? Netflix has lots of them and they even dropped a brand new one featuring Ryan Reynolds called The Adam Project. However, an old sci-fi flick that didn't find any success when it was released in 1996 is now finding new life on Netflix.

John Dahl's 1996 sci-fi flick Unforgettable made its way to the top of the Global most-watched list. The film was an absolute failure back when it premiered. The moviegoers of the 1990s didn't seem to appreciate how the film merged together the science fiction, thriller, and noir genres into one.

Flash forward a couple of years later and the moviegoers have changed their perspective a bit.


The film follows Dr. Krane who is "framed for killing his own wife and has no option but to surrender himself. However, he takes his colleague's help and prepares a drug that gives him access to another person's memory."

On paper, the film sounds like a good idea but back in the 90s, it didn't seem to capture the audiences. It made less than $3 million in the domestic box office on an $18 million budget. And, on top of its massive loss, it also got a 21% score on Rotten Tomatoes. IMDb ratings were a bit more merciful, giving the film a 6/10. Some people actually liked the film and with a bigger audience, the film may have been able to target a specific type of crowd that found the film quite entertaining. Regardless of if the film is good or not, it has been finding quite a lot of life recently. Have you seen it yet?