9 Movies That Are Sure To Mess With Your Head After Watching

9 Movies That Are Sure To Mess With Your Head After Watching

There are some movies that we understand right away and then there are some movies that will mess your mind.


If you ask any average moviegoer why they go to the cinema, and the most standard response that you will get is that they want to be entertained, or because they want to have their eyes opened by the infinite possibilities of movies. There are a number of different sorts of movies out there, there are some movies that we understand right away and then there are some movies that we need to watch more than once and even then it is hard to understand. Here is a list of 10 movies that are going to mess with your head. 

1. Inception


Regarded as the most mind-bending movie of the 21st Century, this masterpiece by Christopher Nolan will definitely mess with your mind for sure. It is a story of dream chasers sinking deeper and deeper into a person's consciousness and it is a mind-blowing thriller to watch. 

2. Being John Malkovich


This movie, directed by Spike Jonze and written by Charlie Kaufman this movie tells the story of a man who finds portals in order to travel to someone's mind. This movie takes so many turns that the man ends up living inside someone's mind. 

3. Black Swan


This mind-bending masterpiece by Darren Aronofsky tells the story of a young dancer who pretty much sacrifices her life for the role of her career. Once you are done watching the movie, you will ask yourself, is the transformation, that is shown at the end of the movie is to be taken seriously or is it some sort of parallel? Who knows and who really cares? Regarded to be an absolute visual treat, the movie is also a mind-bending drama that deals with the fine line between art and madness. 

4. Donnie Darko


This movie is a lot of things but in essence, this movie is essentially about time travel with a plot so convoluted that even when you watch it multiple times and even the extended cut of the movie is not going to make things easier to understand. Just give it some time and it is much better than you think. 

5. Fight Club


This masterpiece by David Fincher still has a cult following and it is a known fact that Fincher rarely plays by the rule. Brad Pitt and Edward Norton as the dual personalities make up the story and it is a complete visual masterpiece. And similar to every movie on the list, repeated viewings apply for this one. 

6. Memento


Another masterpiece by Christopher Nolan, this movie is about a man who is suffering from a short term memory loss and in order to find out who murdered his wife, he has clues tattooed all over his bodies. This movie also plays in reverse, so you have to keep yourself on the toes to keep up with it.

7. Mulholland Drive


David Lynch and weird projects go hand in hand. Starting from his breakthrough project Eraserhead to 'Twin Peaks',  which is, without a doubt most messed up series on TV, it does not come as a surprise that 'Mullholland Drive' is one of his best movies ever. Most probably he was influenced by Ingmar Bergman, this movie tells the story of a struggling actress and a woman who's lost her mind slowly reverse roles and it will completely blow your mind. 

8. Persona


The father of all the mind-bending movies, this movie released all the way back in 1966. Directed by Ingmar Bergman, this movie tells the story of a stage actress who suddenly stops speaking in the middle of a performance, so she's sent away to recover and cared for by a woman who just won't stop talking. This movie is a dark, complex, and twisted one where the role of both the actresses are reversed. 

9. The Sixth Sense


Whoever has watched this masterpiece by M Night Shyamalan knows that the character of Bruce Willis is dead. But go back and watch it again, you will notice that there is a pattern of longing and sadness that cuts way deeper than you realized at first.  

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