Here Is A List Of 20 Of The Best War Movies Of All Time

Here Is A List Of 20 Of The Best War Movies Of All Time

Often considered to be a niche and controversial genre and often left undiscovered. So we have prepared an exclusive list of 20 best war movies to watch.

A lot of great directors have pursued the road on taken in terms of war movies and not divulged much into the cinematic drama as a subject. These movies have managed to recreate some of the most significant moments of world history and the best part is, the movie is shown in various angles and with various perspectives. Some of the movies have tried to replicate the events as originally as possible, either from a study or from the point of view of the soldiers and civilians involved in the conflict itself. So here is a list of 20 best war movies to watch. 

1. City of Ghosts


A grappling story about the condition of Syria, this movie does the best job in order to humanize the people who have suffered the most in this ordeal during the conflict of Syria, by managing to educate the audience in such a way that it will enrage you in one hand and on the other it will fill you with compassion. 

2.The Pianist 


Adam Brody gives the performance of his lifetime. The Pianist is a movie that is based on a powerful, essential subject; dealing with the Holocaust years in Poland. The movie is directed by Roman Polanski with such artistry and skill that as the audience continues to watch, the barrier between the screen seems to fade away. 

3. Children of Hiroshima


This movie is a perfect concoction of odd experimental flourishes, female nudity, close-up of Soviet-style, and baldly sentimental melodrama to emphasize the toll this disaster has taken, whereas it also brilliantly portrays how the Japanese citizen deal with the devastating aftermath of the explosion of the atomic bomb.

4. Full Metal Jacket


This movie is set in the Vietnam war that follows a platoon of U.S. Marines through their training, primarily focusing on two privates, Joker and Pyle, who struggle to get through the camp under the abusive drill instructor, Gunnery Sergeant Hartman. Easily one of the best war movies of all time. 

5. Last Days In Vietnam 


This movie is piled on top of another in such a gripping way that will not only mesmerize you but also will point out a number of provocative points about the chaos surrounding the evacuation and, in effect, the entire war in itself. 

6. Lincoln 


Described as intelligent and unexpected, this movie is made by the duo Spielberg and Kushner. 'Lincoln' is a movie that serves as a landmark in filmmaking. Plus you get to see Daniel Day-Lewis pull off a stovepipe with amazing panache. 

7. Where Eagles Dare


This movie features the late Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood parachuting behind enemy lines before wearing Nazi uniform in order to infiltrate a Nazi fortress high in the Alps. 

8. Jarhead


This movie creates such a nightmarish landscape in the Iraq desert that it is not easy to shake off. From the burning oil fields to raining tar at night, this movie sees Jake Gyllenhaal giving a performance of a lifetime. Additionally, you can't beat that Kanye West 'Jesus Walk' soundtrack.

9. Apocalypse Now 


This movie will change you as an audience, it created changes in the film making fashion, it will change the perception of time we live in. All of these factors have been combined in the movie 'Apocalypse Now', which eventually makes the movie feel more impressive and more like a revelation than a movie itself. 

10. Paths of Glory


In a different taste, this is an anti-war movie that is based on the eponymous novel by Humphrey Cobb. The movie is set during World War I, the film stars Kirk Douglas as Colonel Dax, the commanding officer of French soldiers who refused to carry out a suicidal attack, which leads Dax to defend them against a charge of cowardice in a court-martial.

11. Black Hawk Down


It is a 2001 war movie that tells the story of Captain Mike Steele and how he leads a team of nearly 100 US Army Rangers who travel to the capital city of Mogadishu to nab the top two lieutenants of a Somali warlord. Definitely one of the best-made war movies of all time. 

12. Spartacus


One of the best-paced and slyly entertaining Roman era movies of all time, it is a big cartoon drama that is directed by Stanley Kubrick and features Kirk Douglas' most muscular feature. 

13. The Bridge on the River Kwai 


One of the most emotional war movies of all time, this movie will never fail to pull the strings of your heart, no matter how many times you watch it. It is also an intelligent and exciting story of World War II and features an outstanding performance from Guinness as Col. Nicholson, a British officer who has surrendered with his regiment to the Japanese in Burma in 1943. 

14. Of Men And War


This movie is described as a work that is so astoundingly sensitive to the content that it brings about the argument for its emotional honesty. 

15. No End In Sight


It is not exactly a movie but a documentary that tells the story of the U.S.'s invasion of Iraq. The best thing about this feature is that even though it does not give away any new information that is already available, yet manages to send out a message that is so compelling that it feels like we are hearing the story for the very first time. 

16. Ben-Hur


The first movie to win 11 Oscars at a go, this movie is an epic religious drama and stars Charles Heston as the main character. It tells the story of a man who takes on the tyranny of the Roman Empire even though he has to suffer horrible consequences himself. 

17. Waltz With Bashir 


According to the critics, this movie has transcended the definition of  'cartoon war' or even a 'war documentary'. The animation and the storytelling in this movie are so brilliant that the movie is classified as its own brilliant invention. 

18. Schindler's List


Easily one of the best movies of all time, 'Schindler's List' is a masterpiece by Spielberg where he restages the holocaust with such a vividness that is rarely seen. The movie will make you feel that you are living in the 20th Century's darkest and most defining episode. Definitely, a must watch of all time. 

19. The Hurt Locker


The Hurt Locker is one such movie that is going to leave a lingering taste in your heart and soul. It is overwhelmingly tense and the cinematography looks too real. The movie is both about the war in Iraq that the audience has been waiting for so long and it also shows the underwhelming triumph that has been expected for a very long time. 

20. Dunkirk


It is one of those movies that is so superbly crafted that it has an amazing story to tell and it avoids the war p*rn completely. Considered by many as Nolan's best work till date, the movie shows something desolate and apocalyptic, without blood and gore. Definitely one of the must-watch movies of all time. 

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