'There’s Someone Inside Your House' Plot And Ending Explained: Who Is The Masked Serial Killer?

'There’s Someone Inside Your House' Plot And Ending Explained: Who Is The Masked Serial Killer?

Highschooler Makani Young transfers from Hawaii to Nebraska where she finds herself in the center of gruesome murder cases involving students at her school.

There's Someone Inside Your House is the new slasher film streaming on Netflix, right in time for spook season. The movie is based on the book by the same name written by Stephanie Perkins. It was produced by Shawn Levy (Cheaper By The Dozen, Night At The Museum series) and James Wan (Saw, Insidious) under their Atomic Monster and 21 Laps companies, respectively.


It follows Makani Young a high schooler who transfers from Hawaii to Nebraska where she finds herself in the center of gruesome murder cases involving students at her school. It stars Sydney Park, Théodore Pellerin, Asjha Cooper, Jesse LaTourette, and Diego Josef. There's Someone Inside Your House includes all the classic slasher movie tropes that make for an entertaining watch.

Warning, spoilers ahead.

'There's Someone Inside Your House': Plot

The film jumps right into action. It starts with Jackson who comes home while speaking to his friend Macon bailing on plans with him. He sets his alarm for the next day and goes to bed. The next day he wakes up because of the alarm but it is already well past noon. Something doesn't feel right and Jackson soon discovers that his house is filled with pictures of him bullying his gay teammate Caleb. He fears a break-in and just as he trails back to his closet, a person in a mask that resembles Jackson jumps out and kills him. The murderer even records a video of the brutal murder and shares it. This also shows that he had bullied Caleb in the past.


Many people suspect it could be Caleb himself but he was at a match at the time and that was his alibi. The killer's next target is Katie, the school leader. She displays a front of being forward-thinking and tolerant while she secretly ran an anonymous hate speech podcast called "Your Daily Ethnic Cleanse." The religious high schooler volunteered at church on Sunday where she is killed. This sends the whole town into a frenzy as everyone becomes a suspect. Everyone has their doubts about how Ollie was probably behind it because of his general behavioral issues and some evidence that is found.

Makani's Secret 

While high schoolers are being killed Makani has her own secrets to guard. Makhani, whose real name was Makhani Sun Woo had moved schools for fleeing her past after she had pushed a girl from her old school into a fire. She had even served jail time. She changed her identity and had come to the new high school for a fresh start. But the killer had been targeting people with dark secrets and she also becomes a target. Ollie learns this truth and soon enough she is attacked. While Makhani had earlier defended him, she starts to doubt the killer is Ollie too. But this is soon cleared up.

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When Makhani returns to school after Ollie had been released from jail, she sees him close by and runs into the school. There Caleb finds her and hugs her. Behind Caleb is the masked killer who then flees the scene. Ollie rushes to her side at the same time, which confirms that he was not the killer.

'There's Someone Inside Your House' Ending Explained: Who Is The Masked Murderer?

After Caleb is killed, Makhani and Ollie find "Sanford Family Burns" spray-painted on the lockers. That is also where their classmates had gone for a field trip. They rush over to warn everyone. As everyone is evacuated, Zach runs in, to go look for his father. 

The real killer turns out to be Zach Sandford. He is caught redhanded in the corn maze that was set ablaze as he slashes his father with a sword. Makhani and Ollie find him committing the murder. Zach explains that he did all of it to teach everyone a lesson. Being born into a rich, privileged family, he was always dismissed. But he wanted to no longer be ashamed of being born with a silver spoon. He wore masks as a symbolic way of showing how everyone hid behind masks and had killed his Nazi father to teach him a lesson.

He then elaborates that his plan was to frame Makhani all along and even stabs Ollie. Ollie then tases Zach and Makhani actually stabs Zach with the sword. That's how the whole thing comes to an end. The film concludes after a time-skip montage of Makhani and Ollie attending prom and the remaining high schoolers plan for their future.  


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